Sanremo 2024, the Cynical Beautician: “Visibility is always a double-edged sword”

His brand Veralab partners with a mega Ferris wheel. “There have always been rules for influencers”

“My success has always been based on honest and spontaneous interaction with the public. Be at Sanremo with VeraLab it means cultivating a direct relationship with our community and communicating with those who don’t yet know us” even if visibility is always a double-edged sword. Thus the cynical beautician, at the registry office Cristina Fogazzireturns with his Veralab brand to Sanremo for the 74th edition of the Festival. The skincare brand reconfirms itself as a partner of the event and animates the city with one giant ferris wheel branded VeraLab, 25 meters high in the pink and fuchsia shades typical of the brand. “Sanremo has become the biggest event important in Italy and coming back here is always exciting and very tiring. But it’s also a moment of great satisfaction for the whole team that worked on it.”

The Ferris wheel is free and available to everyone and in the reception area at the foot of theinstallation it will also be possible to participate in games and entertainment. The idea of ​​the wheel, the cynical beautician tells Adnkronos, “is be in tune with with us who always have this desire to go on territory and animate it. I find it very true” which is the real key of the success of Cristina and her brand.

“When I meet people it’s always a great joy and I must say that I’m always pleased when they tell me that I’m a positive role model, that is, a woman who is an entrepreneur and who talks about the body in terms of acceptance. It’s a great satisfaction if in addition to doing business you can also convey an important message.”

And the credibility it’s everything, especially for the influencers who are not having an easy life in this period: “it’s complicated and there are many mistakes that can be made but when you make a mistake with visibility it’s always a more dangerous thing” explains Fogazzi who adds: “visibility is a weapon double-edged which in my case helped me start a business but you have to be careful. We have a light shining on us which on the one hand has allowed us to become big and important” but which sometimes does not forgive mistakes: “we made a mistake once and from there we actually have more phone calls in the company with the law firm than with the our parents.”

And meanwhile theAgcom dictates new rules for influencers: “then the rules changed more by hearsay. In the sense that the rules they were already there before they didn’t come respect this it’s another thing.” Until Agcom closes the technical table, everything will remain as before: “the rules were there and there were also the people who always respected them”. The rules, therefore, were only reiterate but perhaps, concludes Fogazzi, “we have realized that the situation is more complex than normal television advertising”.