Sanremo 2024, the last press conference of Amadeus and Angelina Mango

Yes, I want”. In the press conference with the winners of the 74th edition of the Sanremo Festival (THE SPECIALE), the queen of the event, Angelina Mango (THE INTERVIEW WITH SKY TG24), promised to represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest in May in Malmö , in Sweden. The European competition “took me by surprise”, she said, because “I didn’t expect anything of what happened, I didn’t even believe it when I saw myself on the list of competitors at the Festival. But I managed to live every moment without expectations or too much pressure, even when I opened social media.” The singer, who triumphed with the song Boredom, lived the Sanremo experience “physically far from my family, but I brought with me all the love they taught me in life. On stage last night I had all the people I love with me. I wasn’t alone, ever”. Not even on the fourth evening, dedicated to covers, when she paid homage to her deceased father, Pine Mangowith his famous song The swallow. The artist, who wished to respectfully express a memory rather than communicate herself, looked up at the audience, all standing and with placards in their hands, and perceived the love, “a great honor that made me and my family.” Her relationship with her father has no end, and Angelina has one certainty: “I am a polite and kind person, and I think that first of all he would be proud of this”. He then recalled the experience he had in the last year at school Friends of Maria De Filippia real springboard into the world of music: “It helped me to prioritize the music the reason why I do it. A vital need, go beyond everything, tiredness, fear”. She thanked the precious guidance of Maria De Filippi, who “made me overcome so many of my fears and was always close to me”, also in the joy after the victory. On future projects, “I don’t rule out anything in my life, music is free and in all languages.” Having become aware of the tweet published by Frankie Hi NRG, who hypothesized a vote influenced by “a handful of members of the media caste” and, therefore, an anti-popular victory compared to the preferences for Geolier that emerged in the Televoting, Angelina did not hide a bitter surprise: “I’m very sorry, because I respect him sack”. In general, however, the singer didn’t follow all the controversies that accompanied the competition very much, because “I didn’t think so much about the rankings”. Indeed, she expressed satisfaction on the excellent results of the challengers in terms of streaming: “I am very happy that my colleagues have songs that we will listen to for a long time, and I am first.” Now she has only one wish: “I want to go and eat pizza with my friends”.


The person directly involved, Geolier, the runner-up with the song, dampened any controversy I for me, you for you. “I feel good. I had a nice Festival, I learned a lot of things, I liked everything. On stage there were two kids from 2000, me and Angelina, and that’s the important thing. I’m happy, it couldn’t have gone better. I wanted to bring the Neapolitan, so I won already at the beginning of the Festival because I achieved my goals” she declared. The rapper also curbed the controversy connected to his victory on the covers evening, which had sparked offences, accusations and suspicions on social media. Geolier has no doubts about the existence of prejudices towards Neapolitans: “If we are talking about the 1950s, perhaps yes, now I think the prejudices towards Naples have passed.” The winner, therefore, is rap. Even in a second position, which in the last edition of the Festival was occupied by Lazza. “He broke everything with the most listened to single of 2023″ commented Geolier. “I enjoy the journey, I take the beautiful memories of Sanremo to Naples.” To those who pointed out that the results of the streaming ratings do not seem to correspond to the final judgment of the singing competition, the rapper replied: “The Festival is a competition in itself, the streams don’t count.” While waiting for the tour, which also includes three dates at the Maradona Stadium, Geolier feels the urgency to write new songs: “I go to the studio and see what my brain and my heart have absorbed in these weeks”. If he has to choose a word, he has no doubts: “Maturity”.


The third classified Annalisa, moved during the proclamation of the podium, reassured everyone: “I was calm, happy and serene”. The singer of Sincerely hcut short Paolo Meneguzzi’s accusation of having performed in autotune: “There is no need to answer”. The singer had a wonderful experience at the Festival: “I would do it all again. I’m focused on all the beautiful things I see, on the beautiful response on the platforms and on the radio.” In the near future, the tour in the indoor stadiums in April, the concert at the Verona Arena in May and various festivals in the summer await her.


Loredana Bertè received the Mia Martini Critics Award, named after his sister. “It always seemed unattainable to me. Almost a wound in the heart. I still can’t believe it: Mimì, we brought it home! It’s a wonderful thing and also a little surreal. I’m trying to stay upright!” she said visibly moved. “Thank you for the love you have given me. Thanks to Ama, because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here to receive this award.”


Greeted by applause, Amadeus, his eyes shining with emotion, smiled. The artistic director of the Sanremo Festival gathered an audience of 14 million and 301 thousand viewers, a stellar result equal to a 74.1% share. After calling his lifelong friend and co-host of the final, Fiorello (“they gave us great compliments, we deserved them”, said the showman), the host looked back on the emotions of the final. “When I was on the carriage with Fiorello, at the end of the final evening of the Festival, my first thought was of great joy. We had fun, we felt a certain adrenaline that came from the previous four days. It’s like when a match ends and you lift the cup. It’s the photograph you never forget,” she said. “You release tension, the mind takes a little more rest and leaves room for emotions. There’s a sort of serenity and lightness: you just want to enjoy the victory.” In the final assessment of his five-year artistic direction, he underlined that he had never suffered political pressure and that he had always worked in total freedom and autonomy, “even when there was controversy in the air. And the way I am, I couldn’t be otherwise, I would never have accepted any shortcut, it doesn’t belong to me, I’ve never done it.” However, he ruled out the outline of a possible sixth Festival on the horizon: “Someone will remember that I said already in May that this would be the last Festival, but no one believed it. I feel like I really need to stop right now, and think about something else. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be a hermit, but that I need to find other ideas, other challenges and other bets, as I always have.” He also remained vague about any future radio projects, and he joked: “Right now my only great wish is to put the second star on my chest. Every year that I have been to Sanremo, Inter have won the match before and after the Festival.” A Festival that was above all gods young, which Amadeus does not want to bring into the world of adults, quite the opposite. He himself wishes to enter the world of children, made up of a thousand ideas and innovation. “We must accept their unpredictability” he said. “It is not possible to think of ‘boxing them into our schemes’.


“The Festival that has just concluded is a source of great pride” reads the statement from the CEO Rai, Roberto Sergio, who thanked Amadeus for the Festival which involved especially young people, based on the quality of the musical offering and the spaces dedicated to reflection on violence against women, deaths at work, illness and the human condition. Sergio also thanked Fiorello “for his great generosity, never holding back even as co-host of the final evening but also for what he did in the middle of the night” with “his unmistakable ability to entertain and make people smile with intelligence” . Also mentioned are “an absolutely unprecedented Marco Mengoni, a great Giorgia who returned to where her extraordinary career began, an overwhelming and sunny Teresa Mannino, an enthusiastic and engaging Lorella Cuccarini. And then the competing singers and all the artists who performed, a name for everyone Roberto Bolle with an interpretation that enchanted over 18 million viewers and received a standing ovation from the Ariston”. On the controversy regarding John Travolta, he specified that the contract with the actor “provided, verbatim, the prohibition on using “elements having directly and/or indirectly advertising and/or promotional value, also with reference to clothing and/or accessories”. If this was not respected and Rai – which has launched an internal audit – will be the injured party and will be able to protect itself in the appropriate places”. Regarding the farmers’ protest, he then added that already on Wednesday the company “had said what it would do and so it was done, with Amadeus reading an extract of their message”.