Sanremo 2024, the report cards for the third evening of the Festival

Fifteen competing artists presented by the other fifteen artists who are on stage the night before. In this Sanremo Festival (FOLLOW THE LIVE – THE FANTA’S POINTS) Amadeus has chosen to have fun. Here are the comments on the songs competing at the Ariston (LA SCALETTA) on the third evening of Sanremo 2024 (REPORT CARD FOR THE SECOND EVENING).

The Three presented by Loredana Bertè (TEXT) – Fragile – RATING 5

The draw brought together an interesting mix: one of the youngest in the competition with a song that tells of a difficult period in his life and a presenter with a pleasant song, an identity story and who could also get on the podium, more for what represents that for the piece itself. For now the young artist remains a prime number without multiples.

Maninni presented by Alfa (TEXT) – Spectacular – RATING 7+
Nomen Omen. The draw brought together two of the best surprises of this Festival. The common thread is being autobiographical, Alessio talks about what happens in life: the text has an important and generational message, it is a living and sincere text.

Bnkr44 presented by Fred de Palma (TEXT) – Punk government – RATING 7

Evening after evening the kids conquer the older generations. The grit, the strength, the energy. Being a god who has a queen to save, as they say in the text, is an arm extended to humanity.