Sanremo 2024, the report cards of the cover evening of the Sanremo Festival

It’s the evening of duets, it’s the evening of covers that celebrates great Italian music. In the past it has often happened that this particular moment has shifted the balance of the vote and upset the rankings. Votes And comments of the Sanremo 2024 cover night (FOLLOW THE LIVE BLOG – THE LADDER – THE LOOKS – THE FANTA POINTS).

Saint John – “Butterflies” “Mariposas” with Aitana – RATING 5

The first positive element is having seen Sangio smile since in previous performances he was very tense and twilight. The Spanish artist brings joy and voice but remains little more than a homework assignment. But in dispensing baudi he is a leader.

Annalisa – “Sweet Dreams (Are made of this)” with La Representative di Lista and the Artemia choir – RATING 7/8

Nali immediately sets the record straight with a pop-opera incipit! And then like her in a voodoo ritual she relies on the rhythm, she seems possessed. Veronica Lucchesi of La Representative di Lista gives the Eurythmics piece a grunge-dark nuance and Diego Mangiaracina, the other half of LRDL is responsible for keeping the volume high with a sound interpretation of rare refinement. Applause from the press room.

Rose Villain – Medley Gianna Nannini with Gianna Nannini – RATING 6/7

Popstar Rose turns up the volume and transforms into a wonderful creature, her traveling companion Gianna accompanies her but doesn’t make a difference. PopRose’s dedication to her mother who “is no longer here but I’m sure she’s a huge fan” is sulphurous!

Gazelles – “Night before exams” with Fulminacci – RATING 7+

What can I say, sparkles over Sanremo as thick as the rain falling on the city of flowers. It’s the first time I’ve seen Flavio tense and Filippo isn’t far behind either. But this version is very much in line with the historical philosophy of the Folk Studio. It’s not a cover, it’s a reinterpretation. Courageous and proud, they are the standard bearers of Roma Capoccia 2.0.

The Kolors – Medley with Umberto Tozzi – RATING 6-

Karaoke moment. Certainly driven, rock with fresh arrangements from Ibiza but the audience’s chorus seems to demonstrate that Tozzi arrives more than Stash and his adventure companions. Grappling with myths is a challenge and I’m not saying that this one has been lost but not won either.

Alpha – “Dream, boy, dream” with Roberto Vecchioni – RATING 9

The violin is celestial and then there is the refinement of leaving the first verse to the Maestro. Andrea is excited and it is normal for a class of 2000 who is confronted with a monument. I hear myself say that that boy called Alfa really made us dream! But above all he demonstrated to many the difference between performing a cover and reinterpreting it. Both immense.

bnkr44 – “But which idea” with Pino D’Angiò – RATING 6+

Fun. With some textual intrusion and the choice of a musical chorus. Super Pino plays along and Eighties Disco takes on a new youth.

Irama – “When a love ends” with Riccardo Cocciante – RATING 7-

I (re)saw the Irama I remembered: serene, relaxed, almost as if he needed an emotional pass to find himself. It must be said that the two voices have several points in common. He made people dream with Cocciante, now I’m waiting for him to repeat himself alone on the final evening of Sanremo 2024.

Fiorella Mannoia – “Bless Her” and “Occidentali’s Karma” with Francesco Gabbani – RATING 6/7

Even Fiorella is moved when she sings about this life that we should learn to hold on to. The Sid Vicious-esque trailing ending is fantastic. An unlikely but electrifying couple.

French Saints – “Hallelujah” with Skin – RATING 7/8

It could have been a disaster or an apothesis and we came very close to the latter. The ending is vocal mannerism, it’s a forcing of the system to bring the hallelujah to another planet. Daredevils.

Ricchi e Poveri – “It will be because I love you” and “Mamma Maria” with Paola & Chiara – RATING 6

Of course, with two songs like this it’s impossible to go wrong… but for this very reason we should raise the bar. Another holiday village moment, fun, sparkling (like the clothes they wear) but it’s one thing to move memories and another to move emotions.

Ghali – Medley “Real Italian” with Ratchopper – RATING 7/8

How to read a book of stories united by a popular national melodic line signed by Toto Cutugno. A beautiful message of brotherhood and community sewn with artisanal hand. Ingenious and effective, no rhetoric in his artistic constructions.

Clara – “The circle of life” with Ivana Spagna and the children’s choir of the Teatro Regio of Turin – RATING 7

The surprise of this Festival has chosen the most tortuous path to reach beyond the clouds, where a ray of sunshine embraces you and your eyes are tinged with blue. Just a nice ride.