Sanremo 2024, “ticket chaos”: Codacons presents a complaint to the Antitrust

The association denounces “anomalies linked to the sale” of places at the Ariston

The “chaos relating to ticket sales” for the 2024 Sanremo Festival ends up under scrutiny by the Antitrust. In fact, Codacons announces a complaint to the Competition Authority and a request for access to Rai “aimed at investigating some anomalies linked to the sale, both to the public and to Rai employees, of tickets for the Ariston theatre”.

Codacons explains: “What was most striking in this mysterious if not incredible affair is the preference given by Rai to its employees in the procedure for purchasing access tickets to Ariston. In fact, while citizens could proceed with the purchase of tickets for the Festival evenings only on 23 January 2024 through the site, however with great difficulty due to technical problems of the platform already reported by the association and often without reaching the end, Rai employees are It was allowed to purchase the same titles from the day before the official sale (22 January) through the Rai Place website up to a maximum of two tickets each, with the possibility of having third parties use the titles”.

Codacons, with a formal request for access, therefore asks Rai to “obtain a copy of the deeds and documents through which the company granted this mass purchase of tickets in favor of its employees who, in turn, could have sold them or even sell them to third parties, with inevitable prejudice to all other citizens interested in purchasing the same tickets”. Furthermore, Codacons presents a complaint to the Antitrust “to evaluate whether Rai has abused its dominant position by favoring its employees in the purchase of Festival tickets to the detriment of consumers interested in participating in the singing event”.