Sanremo, Al Bano: ”Zelensky participation is welcome, the Festival is a means of peace between brothers”

”It has been a beacon of Italian music in Russia since the time of the USSR, even Gorbachev went there”

Zelensky in San Remo? Welcome. At a time like this, if Sanremo can act as a go-between to say to the world: ‘Let’s put the notes in our cannons and remove the bullets’, so welcome”’. Like this Al Bano at Adnkronos comments on the planned video message of the Ukrainian president
Volodymyr Zelensky

, which will be broadcast during the final of the Sanremo Festival on 11 February. ”San Remo in”Soviet Union which also included theUkraine and in neighboring countries – recalls the singer – it was the beacon of Italian music. To see the Festival the country was almost blocked. Let’s not forget that the great also went to Sanremo Gorbachev. The Festival is also this, it’s not just songs – underlines Al Bano – we need to put an end to this war between brothers“, concludes Al Bano, who will be a guest of the festival in the second evening to give life to an unprecedented trio with Massimo Ranieri and Gianni Morandi.

(by Alisa Toaff)