Sanremo alla MoViola, the invasion of the ultra Sanremi

Let’s get up here, the televised party begins. (Discover the special on Sanremo)


There are no controversies on the eve. We try with “is the fifth of Amadeus Melonian?”, but in the end even those who ask don’t really believe it. But he Ama is now technically premiered here. In a pounding social and TV climate and in the lack of detractors, perhaps the tractors are coming.

My lady

In the square the Festival is a timeless place where the past strolls a little dazedly arm in arm with the present. Ask who is your favorite this year? A gentleman says: Baglioni! A group of cameras is created, a lady comes out and asks: is it Max Gazzelle?


Last year’s sensation confirmed, the new generation with all that it means (or doesn’t mean) has taken over the Festival, it’s not Christmas at the grandparents’ house, but it’s “let’s stay at our house and invite them too”. She loves gimme Five.

Think about it a year later

You look around and a huge pandoro overlooks the city like Independence Day. Once upon a time it was all ironclad here.

It was Albano

Last night Mediaset radio party at Villa Nobel. At a certain point there was a bomb alarm, everyone rushed out, the police, the firefighters. There were 27 of the 30 artists competing. Suspicions about the other 3, but the Jalisse lead is also being followed. For some it was Albano.

The city of Fiore

Fiorello in Sanremo (as elsewhere, as always) is serotonin in the mood, even if you only meet him in his little office at the Globo where he is closed with Biggio, Casciari, Pigi Montebelli and Ciccio Bozzi.


Tonight all 30 will sing, yesterday during the rehearsals standing ovation for Bertè. AAA, winner wanted. Amoroso, Angelina Mango, Annalisa super favorite. We are thinking of an all-female podium this year. The last time a woman won was 10 years ago: another A, Arisa, 2014. Glass roof to be broken here too.