Sanremo, Amadeus: “I would never just be an artistic director”

“I immediately asked Rai to trust me and have complete autonomy”

I would never be just the artistic director, in the most absolute way, I have to drive the car, I prefer to argue with myself than with someone else. It wouldn’t be possible for me to do otherwise.” Amadeus clears up possible misunderstandings about the Sanremo festivals of the future. 74 days after the 74th festival, as the moderator of the meeting of the host and artistic director with the audience of the Milan Music Week, Marta Cagnola of Radio24, recalled, Amadeus also took stock on the eve of its fifth festival. “I had no idea how many festivals I would do. When I did the first festival, not everyone was convinced to entrust it to me”, he recalled, thanking the then CEO Fabrizio Salini. “After the third year I wanted to leave but CEO Fuortes asked me for another two years.”

On his idea for the festival, Amadeus explained: “I immediately asked Rai to trust me and have complete autonomy. Sanremo cannot be done jointly, decisions cannot be made in meetings with ten people. There would be no way out of it , we need to take responsibility and communicate it when it’s done.”

“I don’t have any interference, I’m very happy – he underlined – with how I’m working, then there are always controversies, Baudo told me ‘if there are no controversies in your festival it means it’s ‘bullshit!'”. And on Baudo he added: “I call him before every festival, he’s the one who gave me the best advice. Before the first festival he told me: ‘Remember that you have to decide everything, in any case if something goes wrong they will always come to you’ I reflected on his words and applied them, it’s the only way – he reflected – to bring Sanremo home and be an artistic director.” “

“I don’t look at anyone: my goal is to bring good music to Sanremo and get ratings to guarantee publicity.” As for counterprogramming, she added: “Everyone does what they want, God forbid.”

Super-guests chapter: “I have them in the competition. You will see that this year too there will be some surprises and there will be no Italian super-guests out of the competition”, he clarified, then explaining that Marco Mengoni, in addition to being co-host of the first evening, “will also be super-guest: he will sing ‘Due vite’, the song with which he won Sanremo and will be the protagonist of another very important moment of music in the evening, with a medley of his greatest hits”.

And to those who asked him if he had given up on the idea of ​​super international guests, he replied: “The presence of international guests is not fundamental, if it fits at a reasonable cost then fine, otherwise the times are no longer in which one could pay certain figures like Elton John and Madonna. So they are welcome if they make sense, but not at any cost”, he said.

“The most difficult moment of these 5 years? The Sanremo week during Covid, in 2021, when not everyone agreed to broadcast the festival”, he confessed.

“Many people didn’t want it to be broadcast. I, however, was convinced to do it, for the discography and for the public who were experiencing a dramatic moment. I’m proud to have done it and I thank Fiorello, because without him I wouldn’t have made it “, he added. Recalling the difficulties of that week: “Going on air with an empty audience, not being able to see the smiles of even the musicians who had masks on, swabs every other day. Every day I told Fiorello: ‘if I test positive you have to conduct you’. And he used to swear at me,” she said, laughing. “It was a Festival that we will never forget, it was magical and then it was the Maneskin one”, he concluded.