Sanremo, Amadeus: “Love prevails in the songs, Ferragni has been pursued since 2020”

The artistic director: “The lyrics chosen with radio performance in mind, on stage maximum freedom from the look to the autotune”

A sentimental Sanremo 2023, where “love is the main theme in the competing songs”. Word of the artistic director Amadeus, guest today live on Rtl 102.5 and on Radio Zeta. Amadeus also confessed that he had ‘courted’ Chara Ferragni for the festival “since the first year” of his artistic direction of the festival, in 2020. “She is a great digital entrepreneur, over the years she has built something remarkable. She was the I thought of that before, but she didn’t know the festival before. She followed him and this year she responded enthusiastically to the proposal to be co-host. She will be with us at the opening and closing of the festival. She is a very nice person and also a great worker: she is facing the commitment of Sanremo with a lot of method and seriousness. She is a professional and certain things don’t happen by chance, “said Amadeus referring to the success achieved by Ferragni.

Then he went back to underlining the decision to give even more space to very young artists this year (among other things, increasing the number of competitors from Sanremo Giovani brought to the February competition to six), “because they are the future of the festival”. Impatient to have the 28 songs chosen for the festival listened to (in “mid-January” the advance listening for journalists and critics), Amadeus said he had listened to about 500 songs for the Big section and about 1200 for the Young. “From 500 I then went down to a shortlist of 50 that I listened to endlessly on headphones, until I chose 22. To which 6 young people were added. I don’t pay attention to musical genre, gender, age, fame of the artist. When I hear a song I just think about how long it can be played on the radio,” said the artistic director and host. Who then also tackled the ‘Madame case’, effectively closing it: “Right now, giving a judgment with panettone in your mouth on something so serious seems not very serious to me. There is an investigation, until one is declared guilty in my opinion is innocent. And so let’s wait. To date, Madame is in the competition. Let’s see what happens between now and the festival but I naturally hope that everything will be resolved, that everything will go for the best. it would be a real shame for the public not to hear Madame’s song”. Since it is unlikely that the ongoing investigation will lead to a sentence by February, it is presumable that there will not be the risk of having to make decisions on Madame’s participation at the festival from here.

Finally, Amadeus ensured a free Sanremo, from autotune to the look of the artists: “The autotune can be used like any other musical instrument,” he said in response to questions about the critical comments that have accompanied it in the past on Madame’s own use. As for the staging of the songs: “Every artist – he said – is free to interpret the song as he sees fit. Also from the point of view of the look. We are in 2023 and this type of freedom cannot be limited”. And this is also good news for the artists who will try (even with stage clothes but not only) to get bonuses at FantaSanremo, the fantasy game that just today opened registrations, reaching over 80,000 registrations in a few hours.