Sanremo, Amadeus reads farmers’ appeal: “We want to leave a better world”

“We are close to the farmers”. As anticipated, Amadeus brought the appeal of the Italian farmers to the stage of the Sanremo Festival, reading an extract from a speech prepared for the occasion by the representatives of the sector, who have been protesting for days asking – among other things – to rethink the European Green Deal, to lower the price of diesel, to lower income taxes and to better protect Made in Italy. “Without agriculture there is no life, there is no food sovereignty, no there is freedom”, is the message that the farmers send. They add: “We only ask for the possibility of continuing to honor the teachings of our parents and our grandparents, who with respect, love and dignity led us to cultivate the value of the earth and what it represents, with the one and only objective of leaving a better world for our children” (THE LIVE UPDATES – THE LOOKS OF THE FOURTH EVENING – THE DUETS – THE REPORT CARDS).

“In the streets to ensure that hard and irreplaceable work is paid fairly”

“We ask for a clear law that guarantees the fair distribution of value along the agri-food chain, with mutual benefits for agricultural producers and consumers”, wrote the farmers in the extract read in Sanremo. Then they specified: “We are not in the streets asking for help or subsidies, but only to ensure that we are paid the right remuneration for the hard and irreplaceable work we do every day, thanks to which every citizen can eat every day. Unfortunately, this has not happened for some time, so much so that today most of the fruits of our labor are widely underpaid, with revenues that are well below production costs. We therefore protest to defend the DIGNITY of farmers and to strongly ask that the RIGHT VALUE be paid to our production”.