Sanremo and the bomb scare at Villa Nobel, the witness: “27 out of 30 big names inside” – Video

Dea Verna, journalist for ‘Oggi’ and witness to the evacuation, told Adnkronos: “I didn’t see scenes of panic, we didn’t immediately realize what was happening”

“Gentlemen, don’t panic, but you have to go out.” With these words, after thebomb alarm arrived at the switchboard of the Sanremo police station, the guests of the Mediaset radio party they were evicted from Villa Nobel. This is what Adnkronos said Dea Verna, journalist of ‘Oggi’ and witness of the evacuation.

“Inside 27 out of 30 big names, no panic scenes”

“I was quite close to the exit, the police approached our table and said ‘gentlemen, don’t panic, don’t be scared but you have to go out’. We went out, I wanted to go to the cloakroom to get my coat but they wouldn’t let me. they allowed us to leave the villa”, explains the reporter. “There we started to understand that it wasn’t a joke.” At the party, she explains, there were all the singers, practically 27 of the 30 big names were inside. We were all made to move closer to the exit. We were all cold, without coats, they didn’t tell us anything. It was understood that it was a bomb threat, but they didn’t specify it.”

“I didn’t see any scenes of panic, we didn’t immediately realize what was happening”, adds the witness. Which she explains that “the dinner was organized by Mediaset radio. There were also other people inside, the speakers from Mediaset radio, Diletta Leotta, Francesco Facchinetti, other radio speakers, professionals, record companies”. At the moment, according to what Adnkronos has learned, the police are waiting for the bomb squad.