Sanremo at MoViola, Ama beats Ama


The alarm the other night, the bomb this morning. 65%, 15 million first part, more than 10 in total, more than the first one (what matters most), a few heads less on the total but it’s a triumph. In these times of TV exploded into a thousand solitudes and personal schedules, Sanremo remains the great and only collective moment in the country. Ama in Liguria is like Zaia in Veneto, in Bulgaria we are now talking about Sanremo percentages. Now a law to unlock the sixth term and Ama, think yourself busy.

Who’s singing now?

As I write, someone is probably still singing, an endless but straight evening, zero twists and turns, the songs are there. At least ten too many, there’s Irama, there’s Mannoia, there’s Mahmood, there’s that thing. Exhausted, in the end, you arrive with a single huge song in your head that you don’t remember exactly how it sounds.


Marco sing it all to us. First evening which serves him to show the unpublished side and us to bask in the published one. Stunning medley, “all kisses have the same words” definitively closes the Rosa Chemical case. This Festival is rigged because Mengoni can’t win it again!


Loredana Bertè, Angelina Mango, Annalisa, Diodato, Mahmood, press room ranking. There is no radio and televoting that can confirm or overturn the result (cit). The real ranking can be seen today on Spotify.

Riches and Poors

A little too rich and a little too poor, there is no longer a middle class.

2 and 43

The songs are now written along the length of the Festival. Amoroso: “anti-panic sweets at 2.43am”, last year “we are the only ones awake in the whole universe”.


Tonight Giorgia and John Travolta, there is a wait for the tractors, Salvini would like them in duet with the bulldozers.


Sangiovanni, Diodato, all in white, French Saints, Italian saints, sign of the cross at the opening, ecumenical Sanremo. Ama enters Cardinal and exits Pope. Amatedeum laudamus. 65%.