Sanremo, Diletta Leotta ‘caught’ as she escapes from the reception: what happened

Diletta Leotta was caught in a desperate run as she left the hotel reception in Sanremo. Why did she do it? The radio host has once again attracted everyone’s attention

Diletta Leotta is, without a doubt, one of the most talked about television characters of recent years. Her love relationships and her physique attract everyone’s attention every day, just think of the fact that the TV and radio presenter boasts 8.6 million followers on Instagram. Photos of him are always much appreciated, especially by the male audience, as are the stories filmed while he trains, at home or in the gym.

Diletta Leotta comes out of the reception running (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Speaking of training, today the presenter of Dazn she did a very curious one: she came running out of the hotel reception San Remo, where she is busy with Radio 105, with which she has been collaborating for some years. In fact, every day Leotta is involved in running the program 105 takeawayswhich leads together with Daniel Battle. There Leotta has been participating in the program continuously since 2017.

Why did the beautiful TV presenter run through the streets of San Remo? The answer is really very curious and a little vice has to do with it Diletta Leotta has always had.

Diletta Leotta runs out of the reception: this is the reason

Diletta Leotta has posted a story on Instagram in which he runs through the streets of San Remo once you leave the hotel reception. Everyone present was amazed to see her running like that and could not understand why. After having covered a few meters, also facilitated by the service personnel, the Leotta has finally arrived in the outdoor studio of Radio 105the radio station where he has been working since 2017.

Diletta Leotta
Diletta Leotta on Radio 105 (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The reason for that race is very simple: as often happens, Diletta Leotta was late and should have reached the studio within seconds, in view of a live together with Daniel Battaglia And Clare Francinione of the presenters of this edition of San Remo Festival. Anyone who follows the Milanese radio knows very well the bickering that there Leotta And Battle they do every day on the delays of the Sicilian presenter.

She often happens to be late and arrive at the workplace in extremis and it happened today too. As always, Daniel Battaglia did not spare her from teasing: “Diletta Leotta has succeeded where she hasn’t succeeded over the years: she was late even in Sanremo”he exclaimed amused Battle. There Leotta he tried to justify himself: “We did it, today is the first evening of Sanremo and obviously this city is very populated”. It will be the last delay of Diletta Leotta? Those who know her well know that it could happen tomorrow too.