Sanremo Festival 2024, Beppe Vessicchio will not be there

Beppe Vessicchio he will not be at the Sanremo Festival 2024. AGI interviewed the Maestro about his absence at the singing event scheduled from 6 to 10 February. After having represented a point of reference for millions of viewers, the conductor will not go up to the podium of the Ariston Theatre.

beppe vessicchio: “I’m interested in understanding what direction the event will take”

It’s official: Beppe Vessicchio won’t be there. There 74th edition of the Festival will have to do without the presence of one of the most loved and famous conductors in Italy. AGI interviewed the Maestro who explained the reasons for this absence: “This year I have not worked for any of the artists who were invited to the Ariston so it is automatic that I am not involved in the Festival”.

However, the conductor added that he will follow the Sanremo Festival: “I will try to follow it because I am interested in understanding what direction the event will take.”

Beppe Vessicchio then revealed: “I’m honest: I won’t miss directing at the Festival but rather I will miss not being able to be in that place and in that very weekwhere conviviality with colleagues, meetings, exchanges of opinions, predictions and behind-the-scenes chatter have for many years marked a celebration to be shared with the many enthusiasts of this work”.

Finally, the Maestro concluded: “It is an affectionate game that was created online and which all the other media then reverberated. There will be other cards on the tablenew things, more will come up and… life goes on.”

Over the years Beppe Vessicchio has directed many artists competing in the event (PHOTO) becoming a true symbol so much so that it also became part of the fun social game FantaSanremo.