Sanremo Festival, dedicated playlists on Apple Music

To celebrate the 74th edition of the Festival of Sanremo (THE SPECIAL), Apple Music has decided to create a section completely dedicated to the Italian Song Festival. The most loved songs from the most important event for Italian music collected in many exclusive playlists, to which are added the unreleased selections of “My Sanremo”, curated exclusively for Apple Music by great protagonists in the history of the Festival: Giorgia and Paola & Clear.

The playlists dedicated to Sanremo from Apple Music

  • Sanremo 2024: the 30 songs that will enrich the Ariston stage during the 74th Sanremo Festival, including great names of Italian music and surprising debuts, available for listening in Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos;
  • Sanremo: the winnersthe playlist that brings together all the winners of the Italian Song Festival;
  • Sanremo: essential songs: a selection of the most loved Sanremo songs: because Sanremo is Sanremo;
  • Sanremo 80s: essential songsthe collection of some of the songs presented at the Sanremo Festival between 1980 and 1989, which have now become true classics of Italian music;
  • Sanremo 90s: essential songssome of the songs that have entered the history of Italian music, presented at the Festival between 1990 and 1999;
  • Sanremo: love songs: the catalog dedicated to the songs that thrilled the Ariston audience, a true collection dedicated to those who love love.


To these timeless collections, Apple Music adds new playlists My Sanremo which include a selection of songs chosen exclusively by Giorgia and Paola & Chiara, artists who will be at the Festival this year in the unprecedented role of presenters.

Giorgia retraces the Sanremo songs that she loved most: “These are some of the Sanremo songs that during my human and artistic growth have composed my memories and that have remained in my musical memory throughout time”. The playlist Giorgia: My Sanremo it is a true journey of 15 songs in the history of the most famous stage of Italian song, among which timeless songs such as Women of Sugar and Loneliness by Laura Pausini, up to more recent songs such as SHUT UP AND GOOD by Måneskin.

Paola & Chiara: my Sanremo instead it contains the special selection of the most iconic dance pop duo in Italian music. For them the Festival has great importance: “It all began in Sanremo and everything started again in Sanremo. We cannot help but love him deeply. A place where music always plays can only be magical”. Paola & Chiara have decided to tell their Sanremo through 16 memorable songs, with poetic notes of Very light music by Colapesce Dimartino to the irresistible rhythm of Andromeda by Elodie, including the 5 successes that brought them into the spotlight of the Ariston stage: Travelling, Friends as before, For you, My way And Fury.


Other Apple Services also join the celebrations with spaces focused on the Festival. A collection of unmissable series and films chosen by three competing artists is available on Apple TV. Alessandra Amoroso, Angelina Mango and Giuliano Sangiorgi of Negramaro shared their favorite Apple Originals with Apple TV+.


On Apple Podcasts A selection of podcasts is available to stay updated on the latest news from Sanremo, but also insights and curiosities about Italian music and its protagonists.