Sanremo, Fiorello on Sinner: “With Swiffer-Amadeus everything becomes controversy”

Irony also on Pd and M5s: “Conte-Schlein, the Tottis and Ilary of Italian politics”

“Swiffer-Amadeus is back and everything he touches becomes controversial!”. So Fiorello, in a new episode of ‘VivaRai2!, jokes about the news that, in the last few hours, he has been making the rounds in the media, namely the invitation to the Amadeus Sanremo festival to the champion Jannik Sinner. “I no longer recognized him, a week before Sanremo nothing was happening and finally the invitation to a sportsman to Sanremo sparked a controversy which today is all over the newspapers. Jannik you shouldn’t have won!” he exclaims laughing, turning to the champion. “No joke, he’s a good guy. He is such a good boy that he doesn’t want to go to Wimbledon so as not to ruin the grass”.

But the jokes aimed at his friend Amadeus don’t end. Leafing through the interview given to Vanity Fair, Fiorello reaches the point where his artistic director friend says that in 10 years he sees himself as a 71-year-old “in Sanremo, naturally with Fiorello”. Fiorello opens his eyes wide: “At 71 we will be in the gardens or in an armchair with a plaid on our legs”, concludes the Sicilian showman amid laughter. From the Festival to commentary on political news. “Here we read ‘Conte – Schlein, caresses and poisons’. It looks like Dostoevsky!” laughs Fiorello. “The two are the Totti and Ilary of Italian politics. Among other things, we know that she will also write a book and it will be called Sola, while we were unable to understand the title of Conte’s.”

As usual, the showman’s irony does not spare any political force in the field. “The League and the Brothers of Italy are planning a new regulation on hunting, with fewer restrictions on species and thermal visors for shooting even at night” he comments. “On the other hand, why leave the poor animals alone at night?! At this point, sorry, we also introduce the machine gun for when a flock passes by.” At the end of the episode, some colorful news: “I am the sister of Lamborghini, the DNA test taken from Elettra’s straw says so” Fiorello reads from the newspaper headlines. “Her name is Flavia Maserati!” he exclaims amidst laughter in the studio. “Apparently, we are certain because the DNA seen under the microscope was twerking.”