Sanremo, Ovadia: ”Zelensky at the Festival wicked choice, it’s pure warlike propaganda”

”I hate media coverage and war spectacle, it’s totally senseless”

“To invite Zelensky in San Remo it’s a wicked choiceis pure war propaganda. I hate the media coverage and the spectacularization of wars, it is totally senseless”. Like this Moni Ovadia at Adnkronos he lashes out against the expected video message by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky, which will be broadcast during the final of the Sanremo Festival, on February 11th. ”This warlike climate it is very dangerous and will only harm us – he underlines – they have decided to invite Zelensky to change people’s minds but fortunately the majority of the
the Italians are against this war

”I am close to the sufferings of Ukrainian people – Ovadia is keen to point out – but this logic will bring him ten times more. It takes a negotiation without preconditions that lasts as long as it has to last. Putin he doesn’t want to talk because he knows who holds the threads are the Americans who are not trustworthy, they have already lied to Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union several times”. And on the manifestation called by pacifists Saturday 11 February in the City of Flowers against Zelensky’s video intervention at the Sanremo Festival, concludes: ”I joined to the event even if unfortunately I won’t be able to physically be there due to work commitments”.

(by Alisa Toaff)