Sanremo, Povia’s outburst: “Rejected because I have no support or influential friendships”

“The festival is not ready for me and my social themes, only songs that do not disturb should be listened to”

“Sure that I sent the song, I do it every year. I’ve been ready for Sanremo for 14 years, but Sanremo it’s not ready for me and my social tunes yet. This year I did more than 110 concerts and 2024 will be similar because there are already many requests, so the appreciation for me is there. However, we live in an era where we must only listen to love songs that are perhaps beautiful but harmless so as not to disturb anyone’s cultural and ideological balance.” He doesn’t tell them Povia and, in an interview with Adnkronos, in the aftermath of theannouncement of the big names of the Sanremo festival makes some considerations, confirming that he was rejected by the artistic director Amadeus.

“In festivals everything is forgiven for everyone, while in Povia which brings positive messages and always with respect, no – says the singer-songwriter – In the four festivals in which I participated I have always brought up particular but positive topics and never discussed by anyone and they have always been successful precisely because they were encouraging and extraordinary among many ordinary songs”. The public, explains Povia, “noticed them immediately and still sings them today and requests them as an encore. I have always participated alone without support and it’s always been difficult to get in, then it depends on the will of the people who work at the festival.”

Besides that, “also add that I’m a free hitter, I have no influential parishes and friendships, I have no power of exchange, I produce myselfI have never had a major label that puts pressure on me and I don’t even want one, and finally I have my ideas and I often express them with songs and declarations so you will understand… Without taking anything away from the many songs in competition, the ‘Povia factor’, which has kept me out of the festival for almost 15 years, it doesn’t depend on whether the song is bad or good, even if it’s easier to make people think this”, is the singer’s outburst. “They are choices and I respect them.. Maybe I’ll try again next year“, concludes Povia smiling. The last time Povia was at the festival, after winning it in 2006 with ‘Vorrei ave il becco’, was in 2009 with the controversial song ‘Luca era gay’.

(by Ilaria Floris)