Sanremo, Stash and Facchinetti among artists awarded by ‘Women for Women against Violence’

Francesco Facchinetti, Gatto Panceri, Paola & Chiara, Jo Squillo and Stash of The Kolors are the artists who, in the magical and frenetic atmosphere of Sanremo 2024, received the “Women for Women against Violence – Camomilla Music Award”, a prize linked to the last TV event recently broadcast on Raitre and dedicated to authors and performers who have launched social messages on the two themes of gender violence and breast cancer.

The data is impressive, every year in Italy over 100 women are killed by men who, almost always, claim to love them, and that breast cancer is the most lethal and most frequent big killer of the female gender and the main cause of oncological mortality, 12 thousand deaths per year. This first edition of the event of the Umanitas Consortium Association chaired by Donatella Gimigliano, and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, the Single Guarantee Committee of the Mic, the Liguria Region, the Municipality of Sanremo, Rai sustainability, the Siae, the Afi , by Musitalia, and by Lilt (Italian League for the Fight against Tumors), was “itinerant” because the delivery of the prestigious prize, a sculpture created by the master goldsmith Michele Affidato, historical partner of the event, took place during the various days of the Festival.

The presentation of the award, by the well-known face of Rai Uno at the helm of the successful program Uno Mattina in Famiglia Beppe Convertini, was held at Casa Sanremo. In addition to the indication of the list of winners, the national competition “Women for Women against Violence Music Contest” was also introduced, a new project by the Musitalia record company and the Umanitas Aps Consortium Association, with the patronage of Afi, which with a jury of experts will select the most significant unreleased piece of social communication on the two issues that will receive the “Camomilla Music Award” and will be able to perform in the edition of the program directed by Antonio Centomani in autumn 2024. Some names of the personalities who received the Camomilla Award, Malika Ayane, Carolina Crescentini, Carolyn Smith, Valeria Solarino, Giorgio Pasotti, Alessio Boni, Antonia Liskova, Eleonora Daniele, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Leyla Hussein (world activist against genital mutilation), Antonio Maggio, Luca Tommassini, Giovanni Caccamo, Chiara Francini, Paola Minaccioni, the State Police, the Carabinieri, Barbara De Rossi, Gessica Notaro, Lavinia Biagiotti.