Sanremo, the 12 young people between melting pot and gender fluidity

Among the finalists, the first competitor born in Yemen “but with the Northern League surname” and the boy with the skirt who “defies prejudices”

Sanremo Giovani in the name of cultural contamination and gender fluidity. Looking at the 12 finalists of Sanremo Giovani it is already clear that there will be no shortage of surprises and news, between a regional as well as international melting pot and a new genre fluidity for the festival. Thus, among the 12 who will compete in the final on 15 December, the two places directly in the cast of the Big of the 2022 festival (as established by this year’s regulation that eliminates the New Proposals as a category from the 5 evenings in February) the first competitor stands out. Sanremo born in Yemen, Samia, who moved to Italy at 4 months and adopted by an Italian family, but also the schacci skirt from which the Belluno Oli, born Marco Poletto, never separates. Samia sings ‘Let me breathe’, a song which she wrote the text and which “talks about love, the need to leave space for the person you love and the need to love a person both when he gives up and when he gets up”.

“I am happy – she stresses to Adnkronos – to be able to say on the stage of Sanremo Giovani that I was born in Yemen, because it is a wonderful country that unfortunately lives in a very difficult situation. In reality I have always grown in Rome and I have kept my blood from Yemen and the tan.My adoptive mother is Roman but my father is from Veneto, that’s how I like to say I am the only singer who has the Arab name and the Northern League surname: Samia Pozzobon “, says the singer. Who then marries the proposal of Enzo Mazza della Fimi on a Sanremo cast made up of 50% women but with a clause: “The proposal is good. Long live the women in Sanremo, but long live the talented women. I want to be in a cast because I deserved it not because I have to represent the pink quota “, he underlines.

While Oli presents ‘Smalto e tinta’, in which he speaks precisely of the “challenge to prejudice”: “I have an obese past that is always too attentive to the judgment of others. This piece is an invitation to let yourself go, to follow your own aesthetic research as well. , to abandon discrimination of any kind, whether sexual or racial. That’s why I wear a skirt, because I feel good and I don’t see why I should give it up because of a prejudice. And this has little to do with my sexual identity: I also had homosexual experiences but currently I have a straight relationship. I want to be free, even to love a woman wearing a skirt “, summarizes Oli.

Among those selected by the artistic commission there is also Yuman, class of ’95, born in Rome to a Cape Verdean father and a Roman mother, who has already made himself known on the radio and on streaming platforms and who wants to bring ‘A Thousand Nights’ to the festival. The others chosen for the final on December 15th are: Bais, real name Luca Zambelli, born in 1993, grew up in Bassano del Grappa and moved to Milan, who presents ‘Che Fine Mi Fai’, Martina Beltrami with ‘I speak of you’ (from Turin), Esseho with ‘Arianna’ (from Rome), Matteo Romano with ‘Head and cross’ (from Cuneo), Tananai with ‘Esagerata’ (from Milan). The 12 finalists also include the 4 selected by Area Sanremo: Right with ‘August in full summer’ (Leverano – Le), Littamè with ‘Fuck you have to watch’ (Terrassa Padovana – Pd), Without_Cri with ‘A me’ (Brindisi), Victory with ‘California’ (Villafranca in Lunigiana – Ms).

Amadeus, who went to greet them in the morning in the Fabrizio Frizzi studios, did not focus on the festival to come. “There are so many beautiful songs”, the presenter told Tg1, who then did not want to say too much about other musical guests: “Vasco? Maybe! The Maneskin? I don’t know. I don’t know anything!” from 1 to 5 February.

from Antonella Nesi