Santaferia and Zumbale Primo break it with this little gem that makes the tropical ranchera shine

Good luck is the new of Santa Fe premiered from the manger for the public and comes with the smell of river, forest and smoke.

The novelty of this work is that it is a breakup song; a cordial and loving farewell in the key of a tropical ranchera. of that same that is heard and danced with heels and toes on the ground and with the force of a tractor in the central-southern zone of Chile.

Let us agree that we are at a pivotal moment in history towards a future in which, The few things that unite us are the desire to escape, to spend it at full speed and the natural anguish that uncertainty brings.

Therefore, it is surprising that at a time when a more “political” and “Chilean” construction could have been expected on the eve of national holidays, they have once again had the clarity to create a new sound to musicalize future moments and happy memories (who listens to cumbia or ranchera to have a bad time?), from a feeling that is universal: the desire to end well, but still sending “to the his mother’s house” to the human being who, having had such beautiful things happen, was capable of betraying us. Who has not happened?

Good luck to you / Good luck to you / Good luck to you / Good luck to you, cool / Good luck to you / But go with enthusiasm / to your mother’s house.

After all, regardless of our political convictions, we all sing with one hand on our chest when a song touches our feelings and this is one of those songs that as soon as you listen to it, the name of that or that “you know ” that squeezes your wadding.

It is one of those songs that one sings thinking of them with a first and last name Y Santa Fe clearly has the formula to awaken those passions because they already demonstrated it with “The gil of your ex”, one of the emblematic themes of the hurricane.

The contribution is in the form.

Santaferia, Zumbale cousin and the national ranchera scene

Nice that Santaferia dialogues with a musical genre that has historically been characterized by its machismo. Nice that this dialogue was established with Zumbale Cousinone of the current referents of the national rancher movement.

From different parts of the south, the members of the band have given it a stamp of freshness, currency and quality, decorating the best stages of a scene that unfolds among the few nightclubs in towns and summer festivals that are held once a year. in the more or less showy municipalities of the regions.

It is important to note that last July the group Zumbale Cousin traveled beyond the mountain range to reach Buenos Aires in order to be crowned the first ranchera cumbia band to receive the YouTube Silver Button; recognition granted for exceeding 100 thousand subscribers on its official channel.

Both bands are in a brilliant moment, rising, creative and this meeting seems to be part of this virtuous circle of collaborations and joint work that they generously showed on their networks with episodes worthy of collection like this one, where Alex Munoz tells how the Chicken He gave her the pink jumpsuit with which he appears in the video.

Context; Pollo singer from @santaferia approaches us and asks us if we should dress differently for the vu00eddeo…

Posted by Alex Muu00f1oz on Monday, August 29, 2022

This collaboration comes to set a precedent for innovation in this genre so loved by humble, peasant people, and I am sure it will resonate in the hearts of who have had to leave their towns and families to join a capital where everything costs so much.

To add ingredients to the casserole, the video, recorded in Pirque, has two tremendous and unexpected national talents: the actor Daniel Alcaino Y Paul Vasquez “El Flaco” who successfully explores his acting streak, playing one of these “cousins” who are able to get along after this bad love.

The virtuous union between Santa Fe Y Zumbale Cousin it brings freshness to a genre that urgently needs to be renewed, but also, it appears as a new and different topic to the national events that overwhelm us every day.

It took 16 years before Santaferia ventured into ranchera, but it was worth the wait.

I leave the video for you to dance as you want.