Santanchè: “I learn from the media that I am being investigated”

The note: “Inquiry news provided to the media in conjunction with today’s hearing”

“Minister Daniela Garnero Santanchè learns, from press releases released today that would refer to information received from internal sources by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, that she would be registered in the register of suspects (although this did not result from the certificate extracted at the time in the month of December 2022)”. This was communicated by a note from the press office of the Minister of Tourism Daniela Santanchè.

“From the press releases it would appear that this information would have been made available to the media, following the de-classification of the related file, de-classification which took place after the legal period of three months from the start of the investigations. In other words, the de-classification – disclosure would have been ordered around January/February 2023, while the same news – never received by the interested party – would have been provided to the media, precisely in conjunction with the hearing given today in the Senate by the Minister” concludes the note .

In the report to the Senate, Santanchè stated that she had not “been reached by any guarantee notice”. “If I had received a guarantee notice that never arrived, I would have told you, because for me nothing would have changed one iota: neither my trust in the judiciary nor my beliefs about my story”, she underlined.