Santopadre: “with Matteo we wanted to end the year with a bang and we did it backwards …”

Berrettini’s coach speaks: “There will be at the Australian Open. Sinner’s gesture is very nice. Finals? Vince Medvedev”

“With Matteo we thought we would end the year with a bang, Atp Finals and Davis Cup: but we did it in reverse …”. Matteo Berrettini’s coach, Vincenzo Santopadre, uses irony to describe the difficult moment of the Roman champion, but immediately reassures him: “if he will be able to return for the Open in Australia? -Says Adnkronos-. I think so. , heck, absolutely. Unless other hitches come out. He has a very strong but also delicate physique, he is very tall and has a large ‘displacement’, he never spares himself, but over time he will be able to better manage his power “.

Now Berrettini, after the second forfeit within a few days, “could be better but overall it’s a good situation. Surely I would have preferred to do both the Finals and Davis, but sometimes you don’t always manage to do everything you want. wants, so is the sport. He cared, and when you care about something the disappointment is even stronger, he had already had to skip the Olympics and now Davis too: he didn’t deserve it but sometimes things are bigger than us. We will be careful that these episodes do not happen again. The weight of this very long and complicated year is making itself felt, and his body is giving him the signals as a result: rest and regenerate, now just scrape the tank “.

“I really liked Jannik Sinner’s gesture for Matteo. There is respect and esteem among them; I think they can best represent Italian tennis and give an example to the many kids who approach tennis – Santopadre also emphasizes- . We think that coming from South Tyrol he is a cold type but he can be warm and passionate and convey his feelings well. We all hope that he and Matteo are the next great tennis couple. ” Finally, a prediction on the winner of these Turin Finals: Medvedev “is playing very well: I see him as the favorite over Djokovic”.