Santoro: “Pd shipwrecked, right at the helm” and launches a new political formation

“Dear friends, with a group of people animated by my same passion we would like to create an Association who intends to embark on a journey in Italian society in search of the party that does not exist. This definition does not indicate an organization but a question which, in order to be satisfied, requires an investigation into society to identify new contents and new protagonists, especially young people. “Thus begins the long post written on facebook by the journalist Michele Santoro which, starting from the analysis of the vote of 25 September, highlights the vulnerabilities to be urgently filled. “We do not believe we have a ready solution but we want to put the experience of personal parties behind us. A new political formation – he underlines – it must be a community, have a charter of values ​​to inspire itself, a program and clear democratic rules for its internal life “.

“The fundamental rights of humanity are sacrificed to make room for the arms race – observes Santoro – With the war in Ukraine millions of people risk dying of hunger, the environment is devastated by the return to coal and intensive agriculture, the inequalities are widening in a frightening way and wages and pensions, stuck in the last places in Europe, are being cut down by the increase in the prices of basic necessities and bills. With the political, cultural and ideal sinking of the PD for the first time a party of the extreme Right, post-fascist, becomes the first party in the country. This happens because the values ​​of the Resistance and the Constitution have been reduced to empty rhetoric, betraying their true meaning of commitment to create a society of citizens with equal rights, equal dignity and equal opportunity in determining the destiny of the nation “.

“Italy is already in recession, consumption is falling, inflation is rising, one hundred and twenty thousand companies are about to close, the ovens will no longer be able to make bread and millions of workers risk unemployment. Nuclear war is no longer a probability. remote but a concrete possibility of the present that threatens the survival of the world and of the human species – remarks the journalist – We have entered the antechamber of a third world war between powers armed with atomic bombs but in our country the electoral campaign took place with the an overwhelming majority of Italians on vacation in an impressive political and information vacuum “.

“There electoral law in effect made the irrelevant voters in the choice of deputies and senators and it becomes necessary to return to the path of referendums to give citizens the possibility of having a political impact. With the emergency – writes Santoro – an overlapping of roles has also been created between politicians, technicians and journalists; the parties occupied Rai with cynical systematicity; the university and the school have lost their centrality. The national culture and information industry has shrunk and the vast majority of the media has adapted to the single thought, expelling critical questions, uncomfortable inquiries, satire on power from the news factory (newspapers, television news, radio news). We intend to react with information and culture to the degradation of a democracy that appears increasingly lifeless, without a real debate, controlled by technocracies and power groups concerned exclusively with their own survival “.

“A new form of participation requires a rebellion against the dictatorship of the algorithm – thunders the journalist – which forces us to use common languages ​​to the detriment of personal identity, imperfection, variety of feelings and opinions, controlling thought to direct it to consumption . Big Tech is the new undisputed face of world capitalism. With the war, freedom of expression was further reduced – he denounces -. Journalists, university professors, historians, were considered unworthy, citizens halved. Diversity was criminalized for defend a system of power and privileges, which marginalizes more than half of the population. ‘Forbidden Peace’, thanks to the network used as the main distribution channel, it has involved more than a million people and has broken through a wall of silence. It would not have been possible without the funding of a thousand small subscribers who made us all feel less alone “.

“With your help, and using an interactive application – Santoro announces – we will conduct a major investigation into contemporary Italy, entrusting it to a new generation of non-conformist, libertarian and independent journalists. We address students and workers, intellectuals and workers, entrepreneurs and precarious, convinced that a new world is possible, where the fight against inequality, hunger, war, has as its objectives water, clean air, culture and the right to well-being and happiness. “.