Sara Cunial, for the deputy no vax the obligation to show the Green pass to the Chamber returns

Montecitorio can only be entered with a health pass. This was decided by the Council of Jurisdiction of the Chamber of Deputies, regarding the request for exemption from the former 5S parliamentarian to be relieved of the obligation to exhibit the certificate. In recent days she had been granted this possibility. The members of the Chambers, the decision reads, “must not harm the health of others, like any other citizen”

You can only enter Parliament if you have a Green pass. This was decided by the Council of Jurisdiction of the Chamber of Deputies, rejecting the suspension for the deputy no vax Sara Cunial (WHO IS). The former exponent of the Five Star Movement had filed an appeal to be exempted from the obligation to show the green certificate to enter Montecitorio. Initially, the authorization was granted, now the turnaround: there is no reason for urgency justifying the derogation from the general rule, in force for all Italian workers – public and private – since last October 15. The Council’s response is also valid for the other seven deputies of the Alternativa component who had joined Cunial’s appeal.

The other appeals against the Green Pass

A total of 16 applications similar to that of Cunial were also presented to the Senate, some of these with the signatures of Laura Granato, Michele Giarrusso, Gianluigi Paragone and Carlo Martelli. However, the decision that comes from the Chamber’s Council of Jurisdiction, signed by President Alberto Losacco, speaks clearly: the deputies and senators “must trace all their hypothetical sacrifices or discomfort with respect to the condition of every other citizen to the set of responsibilities, power, rights and duties that make up the status of parliamentary in office “.

“Parliamentarians must not harm the health of others”

The Council believes that both the anti Covid-19 vaccines and the swabs are tools that, “although they cannot scientifically guarantee the absolute certainty of their efficacy and reliability, offer in this regard a significant statistical probability rate, and in any case currently constitute the only concrete measures that the institutions can implement in the dutiful pursuit of the protection of individual and collective health, guaranteed by article 32 of the Constitution “. Furthermore, in the two ordinances signed today with which the subject of requests for suspension is dealt with, it is stated that the diagnostic tool of the swab “involves, for the person who undergoes it, an objectively minimal invasiveness”. The Council believes that Members of Parliament are required, like and more than any other citizen, to “not harm or endanger the health of others with their behavior, in compliance with the general principle that everyone has the right to find a limit. in mutual recognition and equal protection of the coexisting rights of others “, as observed by the Constitutional Court.

“The rules apply to everyone”

Gregorio Fontana, deputy of Forza Italia and quaestor of the Chamber expresses satisfaction: “Today’s ruling confirms the full validity and validity of the health certificate requirement to enter the Chamber, a decision that re-establishes, even for parliamentarians, the rules that apply to all citizens “. So also Andre De Maria, Pd deputy and secretary of the presidency of the Chamber, according to whom “the value of the same rules has thus been restored for us parliamentarians and for all citizens, together with a condition of health safety. I hope that now everyone will respect with rigor and fairness are the rules. In the Chamber as in the whole country “.