Sara Manfuso, who is the husband of the former GF Vip competitor? It’s really about him

Sara Manfuso, do you know who the husband of the former Big Brother Vip competitor is? It’s really about him: here they are together

It was one of the competitors of Big Brother Vip in this seventh edition. After less than a month from the start of the reality show, however, Sara Manfuso has decided to leave the reality show. The situations inside the house had become more tense, and the competitor, following the story that saw Marco Bellavia as the protagonist, decided a week later to leave the GF VIP house.

Sara Manfuso, who is her husband (Credits: Instagram)

Following his departure from the scene, Sara Manfuso was a guest in the Mediaset studios in the company of Alfonso Signorini and the eliminated Giovanni Ciacci. Even in the studio, however, a question arose that saw the former competitor at the center of attention. Of the direct one we remember the clash that Sara Manfuso she had with the presenter of the reality show, and in that regard a few hours after the episode aired, the journalist published an outburst on social media that did not go unnoticed. Following her participation in the reality show, tomorrow Sara Manfuso will be a guest in Silvia Toffanin’s television studio. What will we find out about her? It will be she herself to tell about herself! Of her deprived of her, however, we know that she is married and that she has a very sweet child. Do you know who Sara Manfuso’s husband is?

Sara Manfuso, who is the husband of the former competitor of the GF Vip

Opinionist, always dealing with social issues that concern women in particular, Sara Manfuso is very active in this field. She is now 37 years old, she is a journalist and graduated in History and Philosophy. Her private life? She and she are married and have a daughter. Do you know who her husband is?

Sara Manfuso is married to Andrea Romano, a former parliamentarian of the PD. Regarding Sara’s participation in GF Vip, the former parliamentarian had spoken out to give her opinion of her in an interview on Rai Radio 1. “I am very proud of the choice you have made. I have always admired its autonomy and independence. I have always supported her in this choice.

sara manfuso husband
Andrea Romano (Credits: Instagram)

Her work is on television and this is an important opportunity for her, ”he said. But Romano also commented on his wife leaving the house, thus expressing his opinion: “In my eyes it was very disappointing, especially for Signorini’s reaction. […] She entered the house to share her experience, her state of mind, the reopening of a wound. A state of mind that we men cannot know or judge, ”said the former parliamentarian.