Sarah Ferguso says ‘If Diana were here’, she would be happy to see Harry with Meghan Markle

The Duchess of York and ex-wife of the prince Andrew, Sara ferguson, believe that the Princess Diana would be proud to see her son, the prince harry, living a happily married life, if she were in this world.

Speaking on the Italian program Porta a Porta on Tuesday, the Duchess of York and Prince Andrew’s ex-wife shared that Meghan markle it is an essence of Harry’s well-being and he loves to see the couple happily married.

Ferguson, who is divorced from Harry’s uncle, the prince andrewAlthough the two remain close, she has previously been low-key about Harry and Meghan’s decisions to step away from their royal roles and move to North America.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

“The most important thing, and I know that Diana if she were here, she would say that, is that they are happy”Sarah said.

She added: And she makes him happy. And I love to see that child who cried at the funeral have happiness now. “

Reports confirm that it was Diana who introduced Andrew to Sarah in the past. In a previous interview with the magazine PEOPLESarah said she became “best friends” with Diana, whom she affectionately called “Duch”, when they were teenagers.