Sarah Paulson made THIS INCREDIBLE GESTURE for Pedro Pascal in the difficult days of his career

sarah paulsonwho knows Peter Pascal For decades, he reflected on how he financially supported his best friend in the early days of Pascal’s career.

In a recent Esquire profile on the star of The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, Paulson revealed that he has known the actor since the early 1990s when he was attending NYU’s Tish School of the Arts in New York City.

“We would go to movies all the time in those years,” the Emmy winner told the outlet, “and we’d get so lost in them. You can fill in the blanks about the why of that however you want, but I think there were things that that we wanted to escape mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

At the time, Pascal was struggling as a new actor, bouncing from one failed audition to another.

In 1999, she moved to Los Angeles after landing small roles on television shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the MTV series Undressed.

But not a single potential role awaited him, after returning to Chile following the death of his mother, Pascal moved back to New York City in 2000.

Paulson, who by then had a more stable job than Pascal, revealed that it was during this time that he took care of his friend just to make sure he didn’t go hungry.

“There were times when I would give him my per diem from a job I was working so he could have money to feed himself,” the star said. american horror story.

Pascal called Paulson part of his “New York family” as this was something he needed as he navigated those difficult times in his career.

“I died so many deaths,” Pascal said. “My vision was that if I didn’t have a lot of exposure at 29, it was over, so I was constantly readjusting what it meant to dedicate my life to this profession and abandoning the idea of ​​it looking like I thought it would as a kid. There were so many good reasons to let go of that illusion.”

Pascal, who clearly went through hell and back, is currently one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. And Paulson expects more success down the road from his friend.

“You just want me to succeed,” he said. “And that to me, I feel like it’s the sign of a big movie star. I’m ready for him to take over the rom-com guys from the past, like Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson and all these guys. He can be “All of that. Let’s do a ‘Die Hard’ remake with Pedro. Let’s remake all the ‘Lethal Weapon’ movies with Pedro.”