Sardinia, 12,000 m2 of regenerated area in Cuglieri after the fires of 2021

An area of ​​12,000 square meters in Cuglieri, in the province of Oristano, protagonist of an important environmental regeneration project, with the aim of restoring the local natural heritage which was destroyed due to the serious fire that devastated the area more than a year ago in this area. An intervention that is part of the ‘Cities that breathe’ initiative with which Nespresso undertakes, together with Legambiente and AzzeroCO2, to support and enhance the Italian environmental and landscape heritage and to intervene in areas in need from the point of view of protection, restoration environment and support of the Italian natural heritage.

A project that is part of the broader ‘Nespresso for Italy’ program and which since 2020 has made it possible to redevelop over 45,000 square meters between Lombardy, Puglia, in the Alta Murgia Park, Lazio at Villa Ada, and today in Sardinia.

The area devastated by the fire of 23, 24 and 25 July 2021 is located at the Montiferru castle, known as Casteddu Etzu, in the territory of Cuglieri, a town on the slopes of the Montiferru hills. About 12,000 hectares of woods and olive groves were destroyed, which boasted a centuries-old tradition, as well as millenary specimens of wild olive trees, holm oaks, strawberry trees and dated plants dating back over 500 years. The environmental protection intervention carried out with the Nespresso project was therefore aimed at the recovery of the public area and the cleaning of the access route to the medieval building. On the slopes of the manor and in the part of access to it, the burnt areas were cleaned up and the plants that had survived the flames were recovered, in particular some holm oak stumps. At the same time, more than 400 plants were planted to re-naturalise the area.

“The intervention that involved Cuglieri demonstrates that even the territories of the smallest towns, hit by huge environmental catastrophes as happened to us last year, manage to win the solidarity of associations and companies, such as Nespresso, sensitive to the regeneration of forests , olive groves, pastures and sites with a strong emotional bond with the residents,” said the mayor of Cuglieri, Andrea Loche. “The environmental restoration work that we have carried out in Cuglieri makes us very proud and represents for us the realization of our commitment to protect the territory and the environment and of our approach to care, which we carry forward through the ‘Nespresso for Italy’ program ‘ The renaturalization project that we presented today is only the latest in a series of actions that we have undertaken throughout the boot through ‘The cities that breathe’ and with which we want to continue to bring more greenery to Italy, at the same time defending the affected areas, such as Cuglieri, and returning them to the community”, said Silvia Totaro, Sustainability Manager of Nespresso Italiana.

The benefits of the intervention on the territory will be multiple starting from the renaturalization of the area and the return to the citizens of a place that is an integral part of this community. A signal of a restart that joins what is now considered to all intents and purposes a symbol of rebirth of this wounded area: the millenary wild olive tree of ‘Sa Tanca Manna’ in Cuglieri, devoured by flames and almost lost forever. Only the dedication and tenacity of some volunteers from the Montiferru Association, born in September 2021 with the aim of promoting actions and interventions for the regeneration of the area affected by the fires, who looked after it for months by putting up sheets to protect it from the sun’s rays , by watering it and cleaning it from brushwood, allowed the Patriarch to regenerate and start again last spring with new shoots. “The story of the redemption of this land – recalled the president of the Montiferru Association, Pier Paolo Arca – is contained precisely in the struggle for the life of the great wild olive tree: a suffering that does not give in to resignation thanks to the commitment of many citizens who have care about the future of these places and the communities that populate them”.

The ‘Cities that breathe’ project, launched in 2020 by Nespresso, is part of the ‘Mosaico Verde’ initiative, the large national forestation campaign in urban and extra-urban areas and the protection of forests conceived and promoted by AzzeroCO2 and Legambiente to involve companies and public bodies with the aim of restoring value to the territory and combating climate change.