Sardinia elections, Todde: “Primary specious question, rules and methods are clear”

“Participatory democracy is a serious thing, it cannot be improvised.” And she announces: “I will resign as a deputy if I win and if I lose, this is a marathon”

“The primaries are a totally specious issue.” Thus to AdnKronos Alessandra Todde (M5S), center-left candidate for the Sardinia Region, clarifies her position on an issue that has sparked quite a bit of controversy. “To organize them and share methods and times (online, offline, mixed, centers with specific number of inhabitants, etc.) it would have been necessary to foresee them no less than a year ago. And despite all this, the topic was debated at length within the table coalition and individual parties. Most of the centre-left acronyms, including some of those that came out immediately after my name was identified, decided together which path to take, without external interference”, Todde specifies.

“Participatory democracy is a serious thing and cannot be improvised – continues Todde – None of the acronyms said they were against the primaries in principle, but it was underlined how important it was to have precise criteria for choosing the candidate. In fact , were chosen in a participatory and shared manner by all the criteria to which the candidate had to correspond”.

“Those who opted out, hiding behind the primaries, decided not to accept the democratic method identified by our coalition, made up of parties and movements that are not restricted circles, because they have rules of internal democracy that make them representative of their members. Not you can on the one hand choose a ruling class and then pretend that democratic rules and methods and paths are of no use.”

“Soru wants to command and impose himself”

“It seems clear to me that the fact why Soru left the Democratic Party is because his party, with democratic rules accepted by a coalition table as well as with all the necessary political steps between managements, secretariats and assemblies, did not identify him as a profile. So rather than a champion of democracy, they seem to me to be typical attitudes of a man who wants to command everything and everyone by imposing himself even when it would be more appropriate not to do so”, Todde tells AdnKronos.

“I’ll make you a provocation: in Soru’s coalition, was the method of choosing the gubernatorial candidate made with primaries? No. So, do the rules always apply to others and never to oneself? – highlights Todde – It is clear that one should mend in the name of unity, certainly not in the name of continuity. I make an invitation: let’s discuss the program, what to do for Sardinia, let’s discuss the issues. But with clear and precise rules that don’t force us to stop, but launch us together towards victory”.

“Soru with Renzi is in continuity with the Solinas council”

To Alessandra Todde, in the race for the Sardinia Region, Soru preferred to open up alliances which, according to the centre-left candidate, former vice president of the Movement, “place him in continuity with the Solinas council”. Who is he referring to and what is happening? “It’s all public – Todde replies to AdnKronos – Soru has received overtures from Italia Viva which includes councilor Anita Pili. A party that governs with Solinas and therefore supports the right in government of the Region. Soru has ‘endorsement of Luigi Cucca, regional secretary of Action, the man Solinas wanted as general secretary in his council. Appointment blocked due to incompatibility”.

“Soru’s coalition goes from pro-independence parties to pro-European forces, from parties in favor of nuclear power to parties against it, from those who posted Hamas’s attack on Israel (Liberu) on social media to those who support Israel. Soru says he is an alternative to this arrived but those who work in total continuity with Solinas come on board. We are the only real alternative to this council and to the right that is governing us in Sardinia”, says Todde.

“I will resign as a deputy if I win and if I lose, this is a marathon”

If Todde doesn’t win the elections, will she leave Parliament to remain in Sardinia as a councilor? “Yes. I will stay here. It is my land, my people, my people. Mine is not a challenge for the next two months. But a marathon that must really change Sardinia. A project for the next twenty years” , the M5S representative responds to AdnKronos.

“A signal will be sent from Sardinia that will reach Palazzo Chigi – continues Todde – We respond to the inconsistency of this right with facts, with determination and the desire for change. The right is raising its voice to those who unfortunately already had little voice. We will give it to them we want to give back.” What if he were to win? “If we win, I will resign as a deputy and become President. If we lose, I will become a regional councilor”, she clarifies.

“I believe in the new center-left that we are building”

“I believe in the new centre-left that we are building in Sardinia with many forces at the table – he explains – We must restore hope to our island which has become a desert due to this council. A wind of change can come from Sardinia which will also be able to influence the other contexts in which people will go to vote”

“We are working not only on a restart, but on a real change – underlines Todde – I am aware of the things to do and I am happy with my traveling companions. We put the We before the arrogance of the Self. We put the Us before the disasters brought about by Them , we offer our recipes. Today more than ever, it’s time for us”.

“Priority? A pediatric hospital for our children”

“The priorities for Sardinia and the Sardinians are health, transport, work, infrastructure and education. There are many battles to be fought but above all there are many things to do. Fight against poverty, depopulation and school dropout. Accessible healthcare for all and everyone not only to those who have money. Work for the Sardinians and invest in training and young people. Infrastructure because we need to be reborn and a transport hub because the Sardinians no longer have to live in an open-air prison where moving and getting around is impossible. One of all: a pediatric hospital for our children who must be able to be treated in Sardinia. Mums and dads ask me for it. And I will do it”, assures Todde.

“On Monday we will vote Appendino vice president of M5S”

“With Conte and the entire M5S we are a family and a wonderful community. I resigned as vice president to be able to best represent the ‘We’ coalition. On Monday we will vote for Chiara Appendino. A friend and excellent colleague. She has always supported me and today I support her”, says Todde, who in starting his bid for the Sardinia Region decided to resign from his position as vice-president of the 5 Star Movement.