Sardinia, fishing boat collides with ferry and sinks: missing a sailor

It happened off Capo Figari. The captain of the fishing boat was rescued by a sailboat

A search is underway for a sailor lost at sea off Capo Figari in Sardinia. At around 11.15pm last night the operations room of the Coast Guard in Olbia received a telephone report from a passenger on the motorship Sharden, which departed from Olbia at 10.20pm and headed for Livorno, who said she had witnessed, together with other passengers present on deck, when a fishing boat collided with the ferry they were traveling on.

Naval vessels from the Olbia Coast Guard and a tug from the Moby company were sent to the site. One of the patrol boats, after having sighted a signal fire, headed towards a sailboat which had recovered the captain of the vessel shortly before at sea. The man reported that his boat sank following the collision with the ferry and that the sailor on board was missing. The search at sea, in which three Coast Guard vessels, a tug, a fishing boat and an Air Force helicopter have been engaged for hours, continue in search of the seafarer who is still missing.