Sardinian winery wins over Red Bull: “David won over Goliath”

Appeal rejected, “the trademark was not copied”

“Well yes, our long battle against the multinational #RedBull ends here positively.” The owner of the ‘Muggittu Boeli’ winery from Mamoiada in the Nuoro area, 23-year-old Mattia Muggittu, wrote this in a post on Facebook, happy for having won a “battle that made us understand many things”. “In fact, the appeal presented by the Austrian multinational was rejected” as Nuova Sardegna writes. The newspaper reports that “the verdict was issued by the General Directorate for the protection of industrial property of the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy” for which “the brand with the oxen on the bottles of Cannonau Muggittu” will remain on the label because “different from the energy drink bull.” The strongest and biggest ones don’t always win, but every now and then even the smallest ones can win, if they believe in it enough… Nothing is easy, but nothing is impossible if you deeply believe in what you do… so, we can say that , whoever takes it hard wins!!” comments the owner of the winery, also celebrating virtually on social media, and it could only be like this, with many glasses of red wine.