Sarri against the Olimpico: “I don’t coach Lazio with this field”

“If this remains the playing field, the club must take on another coach”

“If this is the field of the Olimpico, Lazio must take on another coach.” Maurizio Sarri rejects the pitch of the Olympic stadium without appeal. The Lazio coach, after the 0-0 home match against Udinese, asks the club for measures.

“The game went like this, it’s there, we have to try to go further. The team also tried. Today we found the worst possible opponent when you play three games in six days. Meeting such a physical team on unplayable ground becomes a big problem, “Sarri tells Dazn. “The conditioning of the pitch is huge. We had prepared a series of exits from behind, we abolished everything once the warm-up was over. Trying to go out with a fast low ground ball was like setting off a bomb. I don’t know what ours is going to do. president, but if he doesn’t want to do anything, he has to look for another coach. I’m not nervous, it’s a statement. If the ground remains this, they have to take another coach “, he adds.

Finally, the Lazio coach talks about Ciro Immobile’s injury, forced to leave after about half an hour due to a muscle problem. “When it comes to certain players, it is difficult to be able to replace them without having a minimum of negative effect. They have numbers too impactful to say that it will be the same, surely we will have to pay something. If I talked to them? Sensations leave the time they find, let’s wait 48 hours, we do instrumental tests and we understand the situation a little. Overused property? There are those who have made even more minutes of Immobile considering also the National team. Difficult to evaluate. We play too much in general, it is quite evident “.