Sassuolo-Salernitana 5-0, referee Ferrieri Caputi promoted

The ‘pink’ whistle makes its debut, grants a penalty in the match dominated by the Emilians

Sassuolo beat Salernitana 5-0 in the match valid for the eighth day of Serie A 2022-2023. The Emilians go up to 9 points, bypassing the bells which remain at an altitude of 7. The challenge goes down in history for the direction of Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi. The first female referee involved in a challenge of the highest category is noted for the granting of a penalty, in a totally one-way match.

The hosts broke the deadlock in the 12th minute with Lauriente, very good at placing the ball on the far post with a measured right after a suggestion from Thorstvedt. At 36 ‘, penalty for Sassuolo. Ceide goes down on contact with Maggiore: the referee whistles, the Var confirms the decision of Ferrieri Caputi and Pinamonti signs the 2-0 from the spot.

The black-green monologue continues at the start of the second half, Alvarez’s percussion that lights up Thorstvedt: left cross, 3-0 in the 53rd minute. At 76 ‘comes the poker, signed by Haaroui: alone in front of the goal, he can not make mistakes and the 4-0 is done. Before the curtain, in the recovery, glory also for Antiste: Sepe rejects Alvarez, winning tap-in and 5-0 ..