Satellite debris risk, alarm for astronauts Iss

Forced to take refuge in the Crew Dragon rescue pod

The crew of the International Space Station (ISS) had to cancel most of the activities scheduled for today for fear of a possible collision with the debris of a satellite. The seven occupants of the station were forced to take refuge in the Crew Dragon emergency spacecraft, aboard which they would quickly return to Earth in the event of an impact. According to reports from Russian astronaut Piotr Dubrov, there were no signs of impact with the debris.

The astronauts are also facing a leak in the Russian Svesda module, possibly due to wear, although the Russian space agency believes any leaks do not pose a danger to the crew.

The Pentagon’s Space Command also intervened on the emergency, which is “working carefully” to map the debris field and provide all nations operating in space with the information necessary to maneuver their satellites “in the event of an impact”.