SatyrNFT, here is the first nerd cryptoart gallery

70 NFT works of art, set up in a virtual gallery “furnished” also on a theme: this is SatyrNFT Nerd Artists Collective, the first digital art gallery dedicated to Nerd creativity that lands in the Metaverse on The project is signed by some of the founders of Satyrnet, a portal that has been involved for almost thirty years in spreading artistic creativity inspired by POP subcultures: Gianluca Falletta, creative director and imagineer; Giovanni Caloro, director, video artist and video maker; Massimiliano “Maio” Oliosi, cryptocurrency, bitcoin and NFT expert; Emanuele Ercolani, graphic designer, art director, stuntman and cartoonist; Raul Romagnoli, VisualArtist, photographer and video editor; Riccardo di Fazio, illustrator and graphic designer; Valerio Sforza, photographer.

Satyrnet’s activities are related to comics, the video game industry, cosplay; the creative vein is also expressed through collaboration with cultural institutions, large companies and Italian events in the sector. The collective “SatyrNFT Nerd Artists Collective” was born to give voice to all those Nerd artists that Satyrnet has met from 1999 to today. “We believe it is a different way to increase the intrinsic value of the concept of passion and elevate it to that of art, acting as a driving force for a new way of using, sharing and acquiring talent” comment the authors. A choral and constantly evolving project that will be able to grow and enrich itself over time through Call to Art! Satyrnet, the constant research and evaluation work of new emerging and non-emerging artists, united by the concept of “being a Nerd”. “We address illustrators, photographers, video makers, cosplayers, musicians and creatives who want to make the “leap” into the metaverse with the aim of creating a thriving and lively network of true geek artists, together we will grow this Virtual Art Gallery so special and above all so Nerd”, conclude the authors.

With the possibility of building their own avatar, visitors will be able to access this new “Nerd Metaverse” by immersively exploring the art of the creators selected by the Satyrnet staff; these merge passion and creativity and are able to maintain their recognition through the different techniques used, from comics to photography, from video installations to digital art. By also accessing the exhibit via Headset VR, it will be possible to have a totally immersive experience that will allow the visitor to come into direct contact with the works of the various artists and to interact directly and immediately with the other guests who will be present at the same time on the platform.