“Save your children”, the full text of Zelensky’s appeal to the Russians

“The Russian army’s plan to conquer us in three days failed because they thought we would surrender”

“Save your children” from war, “tell the truth about the war” and, “if you can, leave Russia to prevent your taxes from contributing to the war.” Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Russians, in Russian, in the past few hours, with a new message one month after the start of the war in Ukraine after the Russian invasion. “I’m sure many of you are fed up with your government politics”, “propaganda and lies on TV”, “propagandists on the Internet getting paid with your taxes and telling you lies about war, paid for with your taxes.” “.

“Ukraine has never threatened Russia’s security”, he added, stating that the Ukrainians do “everything to restore peace to our land, not yours, but ours, for our people.” “We do everything to end this war – he continued – And when this happens, soon, I believe it, you will see it because they will no longer send your children to die on our land”.

In the long message, otherwise all in Ukrainian, Zelensky began by addressing the “free Ukrainians” to “all citizens of the free world”, one month after the beginning “of our resistance to the Russian invasion, of our defense from those who he wants to erase us forever “. According to the Ukrainian president, “the Russian army’s plan to conquer us in three days failed because they thought we would give up, but they didn’t understand anything, they don’t know us Ukrainians, they don’t know freedom and what it’s worth”. “They don’t know how freedom gives meaning to life – he said – The occupiers are still many. Russia takes personnel and vehicles everywhere, bombs, rockets, looks for mercenaries all over the world, any bastard willing to kill civilians. The Russian army is destroying our homes, killing our people, raping women, kidnapping children, looting, burning museums, schools, hospitals, universities, residential neighborhoods. The Russian army knows no bounds. ”

The “Russian war”, he insisted, “is not only against Ukraine” because “Russia has started the war against freedom” and “Ukrainian land” is “only the beginning”. And, she repeated, “for this we must all stop Russia, the world must stop Russia”. Zelensky thanked “all those who support us”, but – he said – “the war continues, the brutal acts against the people continue”. It’s been a month “and it’s a long time,” he said. “This breaks my heart, this breaks the heart of all Ukrainians and every free person in the world – he added – This is why I ask you to be against this war. Starting March 24, one month after the invasion, every day show your position. Take to the streets from your homes, offices, schools, universities in the name of peace. Carry Ukrainian symbols. To support Ukraine, to support freedom. To support life. your squares, streets so that they can see and hear you. You say that people count. That peace counts. That Ukraine counts. From March 24 all together, those who want to stop the war “.

“Various polls show that the peoples of Europe support us. I thank you all on behalf of all Ukrainians, thank you for supporting us and freedom”, he continued speaking of “three important summits, NATO, G7 and European” today in Brussels and saying to expect “important steps”. “I am sure that people will show us their support. But freedom must also be supported by politicians, by all of them” he said, stating that he expects “important steps. Everyone must support the struggle for freedom”.

“We know that (the Russians) work with some partners, we know that they want to end this issue of the struggle for freedom. But it is the war that must be stopped – he reiterated – Our position will be decided. And during these three summits we will see who He is our friend and he who has sold himself and betrayed. Life can only be protected by being united, freedom must be ‘armed’. The Ukrainian sky has not become safe from Russian rockets and bombs. We have not received the planes, nor modern anti-missile defense systems, we have not received tanks and anti-ship weapons “.

For Zelensky, “the Russian military is still capable of killing our people, destroying our homes, simply because there are so many occupants, because Russia had been preparing for this war for decades. We have asked to close our sky and also that NATO’s help was effective and limitless “. The Ukrainian president then returned to address the Ukrainians, stating that the Russians “were sure that we are not a state, that we are not a people”, but “they have deceived themselves” and “this is their state suicide”. “This is the war for independence and we are obliged to win – he said – Every city will be rebuilt. And the occupiers will pay for every crime. All our people will live in a free Ukraine after our victory”.