Saves to cure daughter’s cancer, then wins $2 million scratch card in Florida

Happy ending story in Florida, where a mother who had saved up her whole life to pay for her daughter’s cancer treatment won $2 million on a scratch card. Cnn reports it. Geraldine Gimblet, of Lakeland, won the prize on a $10 ticket bought from her gas station attendant who will now receive a $2,000 commission. “The day before my mother bought this ticket, I was discharged from the hospital after completing my last breast cancer treatment,” said the lady’s daughter. “My mom used all of her life savings to take care of me. I’m so happy for her!”

It was the last ticket

Gimblet won a $2 million lottery jackpot. Mrs. Lei had stopped at a gas station hoping to buy one of the lottery tickets called the “BONUS CASHWORD Scratch-Off game,” but the clerk told her they were out. Instead of giving up, Mrs Gimblet asked the man to check again. “At first the gas station clerk thought there were no more tickets, but I asked him to double check because I like this type of crossword puzzle better,” Gimblet said in an official statement released by the lottery. of state.