Saviano and the “Roman greeting on June 2 parade”: Crosetto’s reply

The writer takes up Murgia’s post: “Very serious is the gesture of La Russa who gives a sign of victory after hearing the Decima celebrated”

“I take up Michela Murgia’s post to report that a disturbing episode took place yesterday at the #2 June parade. The COMSUBIN raiders in green beret were marching when they reached the authorities’ gallery and shouted: #DECIMA!”. Thus begins the post on Twitter by Roberto Saviano who speaks on the subject.

“Decima? Paying homage during the Democratic Republic Day to the #fascist #XMas military corps! Who authorized it? The X Mas military corps commanded by Junio ​​Valerio Borghese fought alongside the Nazis with the task of rounding up the partisans and facing the very serious is the gesture of Ignazio #LaRussa who makes a sign of victory after he hears the Tenth being celebrated”, continues the writer adding: “It is a priority that Rear Admiral Giurelli, commander of the Navy, officially distances himself from this tribute and that he does formally also Rear Admiral Massimiliano Rossi on whom the COMSUBIN raiders depend”.

“At the end of the video you will see the photo of the 22-year-old Ferruccio Nazionale partisan killed by the fascists of the Decima Mas, hanged in the public square in Ivrea. Among the numerous war crimes of the Decima, in Crocetta del Montello in ’45 they tortured six partisans with flaming rags used as a whip. Homage is paid to the torturers, Defense Minister Crosetto will remain silent, as always”, concludes Saviano.


“Look at the videos of the parades of the last decades and you will see that the passage in front of the presidential tribune has always been identical in everything, to that of this year. For the COMSUBIN as for the others”, Defense Minister Guido replies to the tweet Crosetto who concludes: “Then find out about the meaning of that motto”.