Saviano on trial for defamation: “Proud to be accused”

First hearing in the trial of the writer who in a post called Salvini “minister of the bad life”. In the list of witnesses also Piantedosi, next hearing on June 1st

“I’m proud to be accused in this trial, because I have been given the opportunity to testify to the Tribunal that I do not want to allow party leaders and ministers to lock down the possibility of criticism, even if it were a cry”. She said it, making it spontaneous statements in the classroom, Roberto Savianoat the first hearing before the monocratic Tribunal of Rome of the trial that sees him accused of defamation for some posts on social networks referring to Matteo Salvini. The posts, the subject of the charge in which he disputes having offended the reputation of the Northern League leader, date back to June 2018 and in one Salvini was defined as ‘minister of the ‘bad life’.

Today I defend myself from the vice president of the Council, while I have a trial in progress with the Prime Minister and a civil suit brought against me by the Minister of Culture – added Saviano in the courtroom – three ministers of the same government are bringing anyone who dares to criticize them to court”. Referring to Salvini, the writer, defended by the lawyer Antonio Nobile, added: “It had become intolerable how it related to Southern Italy, using it as a source of easy votes. Canceling the escort, as Salvini has been calling for years, meant driving me out of the country, exactly as hoped, after the elections that saw the birth of this last government, by thousands of their sympathizers”.

Among the texts called to the courtroom by Roberto Saviano’s defensethere are Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi, the general secretary of the European Federation of Journalists, Ricardo Gutierrez and Oscar Camps, founder and president of Open Arms. In particular, Piantedosi is called to report ”on the initiatives aimed at verifying the protection regime to which Saviano has been subjected since October 2007″. The judge reserved the right to decide on the list of witnesses and set the next hearing for June 1st, when Salvini is heard in the courtroom as the offended party.