Saviano out of Rai, vitriolic clash with Gasparri

The president of viale Mazzini Soldi intervenes: “I hope for a supplementary reflection”. In the meantime, the writer attacks: “It is clear to everyone which side the government is on”

The controversy does not subside after the stop to Roberto Saviano in Rai and his transmission ‘Insider – face to face with crime’ which should have been broadcast in November on Rai 3. The last act of the clash takes place on Twitter between the writer and Forza Italia senator Maurizio Gasparri who rails against “the freedom to insult” for the writer the dem decision to bring the case before the parliamentary Anti-Mafia Commission.


“Ridiculous Orlando of the Democratic Party. The anti-mafia deals with crime. Not with the freedom to insult Saviano. Enough defamation”, writes Gasparri on Twitter. And outside the social networks, the attack by the blue senator is even harsher: “The case of Saviano and others – he says – is the best synthesis of the presumption of the left. I am justice and I indicate guilty and innocent. I am the truth and my insults are free from criticism, replies, codes of ethics. I am me and you are nothing. This is Saviano’s ‘code’. But we do not submit. And we asked that the existing rules already applied to others be valid for him in Rai There is no freedom to insult Saviano. Then his followers are ridiculous, evoking the Anti-Mafia commission which has to deal with serious matters, not minor TV. There is no different ‘code’ for the left and its opinionated spokesmen”.


The writer’s reply arrives shortly via social media: “Gasparri, you lost the right to pronounce my name when the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to proceed against you for the very serious defamations against me – tweeted Saviano – hidden behind parliamentary immunity. As always, your associates in Parliament declared that you were ‘in the exercise of your duties’. Of course, late in the evening, on the sofa at your home, while watching TV. Those who run away from processes, they have to talk to those who escape from the processes: write to Salvini “, the lunge.

But that’s not enough. Saviano in a subsequent tweet goes on the attack of the whole executive. “Insider – he explains – would have told, among other stories, that of Don Peppe Diana. I interviewed the man who denounced his killer. Not only that, the protagonist of another episode is Enzo Palmesano, a journalist threatened by the clans, fired for will of the boss Lubrano. Palmesano – recalls the writer – was part of the history of AN, then dismissed with the new course for his anti-mafia commitment. Let’s recap: Salvini attacks Don Ciotti and on the same day he gets the closure of my broadcast on Rai. it is clear to everyone – he concludes very harshly – which side this government is on”.


Meanwhile, the president of Rai Marinella Soldi intervenes on the case, invoking a “supplement for reflection” on the exclusion of ‘Insider’ from the schedules. “A premise: the Chief Executive Officer of Rai, according to the regulations – underlines Soldi – has decision-making autonomy on company management and programs. As President I perform my role to guarantee users and the company, seeking a constructive approach; political evaluations do not belong to me. Precisely by virtue of my role, I believe today that I have to intervene on the so-called Saviano case, which many have compared to the Facci case. Different stories, for what each one has said and for the types of programme”.

“The program ‘Insider – face to face with crime’ conducted by Roberto Saviano – underlines Soldi – is a product in the spirit of public service, it talks about the mafia and legality, it had a first cycle of success, with public approval higher than the average of Rai in-depth analyzes (Data Qualitel TV 2022). Without prejudice to the respect due to the Institutions – he continues – I would hope for a supplement of internal reflection to find a solution in the right time management in the interest of users and the company, taking into account, among other things, that it is a program already registered“.


Four episodes of the show are in fact already ready for airing. And the Usigrai Executive also intervened on this today. ”Rai has a deficit of almost 600 million euros. It is certainly not in the situation of being able to waste resources that are constantly reduced to warheads. For this – asks the union – the CEO must explain why 4 episodes of a program already recorded will not be broadcast. He must explain it clearly and convincingly.’ ‘Because if the problem is of an editorial nature, it is possible to intervene on the product before it is broadcast – reads a note – and this is still widely possible. If, on the other hand, the failure to broadcast the program occurs for reasons that have nothing to do with the contents, we ask to know them”.

“It is evident that on the Insider affair there have been serious external pressures on Rai from politics – continues the Usigrai Executive – but Rai public service cannot afford to purge Roberto Saviano for a supposed level playing field with the Let us case this story has nothing to do, also because in the case of recorded, paid and not broadcast episodes, the economic damage is evident and significant”, concludes Usigrai.