Savignano, ‘pacifist mobilizations for Ukraine instrumental, peace must be wanted in two’

“Peace is important, but you have to want it in two. I don’t think that between the two contenders, Putin and Zelesnky, there is, to date, this intention. Sit in, marches, mobilizations, in my opinion are only instrumental initiatives”. This is what the étoile Scaligera Luciana Savignano declared to the Adnkronos on the sit-sit in favor of peace organized by Enrico Letta next Thursday in front of the Russian embassy and the mobilization promoted by the leader of the M5S Giuseppe Conte.

And Luciana Savignano adds: “I repeat, these demonstrations in favor of peace leave me very perplexed, I am in favor of sending weapons to Ukrainian soldiers. I know that it is a decision criticized by many that nothing to do with pacifism and desire of peace between the two peoples. If the Americans had not sent weapons to the Resistance during World War II, we would not have beaten the Nazis “, recalled Luciana Savignano,

“And then I think that there is no other alternative to sending weapons – he continued – It makes my heart to see how the women, children and the elderly are suffering. I hope, however, that the demonstrations for peace they can turn into important signals for the future, which can open a hopeful tomorrow. To date, however, I am not so convinced “