“Say, do, heal”: the song by Alex W and Sophie and The Giants gives voice to silence

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A song to give voice to moments of silence, but not only in the life of a couple. Silence to give a sound, and not necessarily romantic. Although when I ask Alex if he is, he replies using the conditional, which is “Yes, I could be” (but he also adds a sly smile, so I assume Alex is, and it’s beautiful). A romanticism that is linked to something concrete, everyday life and the dynamisms of a relationship, of course. But the beautiful aspect of this song is that it can be linked to any type of relationship, and not just love. How many times has it happened to each of us that we don’t know how to put an end to moments of deafening silence even among friends and family. Many. And Alex W, a young singer-songwriter, with “Say, do, cure” manages to put into music all those moments that, in the end, we’ve all experienced.

A song born out of necessity

“This song was born out of necessity, but it’s true that it came naturally and very quickly. In a relationship, talking and relating means healing. In my opinion, they are two verbs that go hand in hand” Alex tells us, alternating between English and Italian. Next to Alex, Sophie and The Giants, his travel companion in this adventure. Smiling, almost ethereal, I am struck by her attentive and curious gaze. She is one of the most beautiful and powerful voices of recent years, and I wonder how she manages to choose among the many collaboration proposals that are made to her: “How do I choose the songs to collaborate on? I understand immediately, as soon as I enter the studio. When I start writing my part, I feel inside me if it’s a good choice. Collaborating on this song was easy for me, we understood each other. Yes, it was a really good match!” she says smiling Sophie. A moment later, Alex looks at her and says, “Really?” – “Oh yeah” is Sophie’s answer, which is also joined by my smile. I smile because I realize that Alex and Sophie are two souls that complement each other, thanks to music, that universal language that brings so many people into contact and dialogue.

Music as a cure

I think and think about the title of the song, and the verb “cure” strikes me. And I ask Alex: is music, for you, also a cure, a medicine? “Yes, my approach to writing has always been to heal something or to talk to myself. The idea of ​​being able, through my music, to help so many people gives me strength and I really hope I can do it. Music is a cure for me, it has always helped me” explains Alex. Sophie also tells us that yes, music has a healing function for her too: “The reason that drives me to write? Music is my therapy. And I, too, sincerely hope that I can help many people with my songs,” adds Sophie.

A recent meeting

A meeting, the one between Sophie and Alex W, which took place only recently: “We met via zoom and then we recorded at different times, we met today!” they both say almost simultaneously. But the idea of ​​collaborating together is still there. Here I am. Alex admitted to being a big fan of Sophie’s music, while Sophie? “I listened to her songs on Spotify and I really liked them… now I have to think about writing a song in Italian” she says laughing.

Experiment, always

“The important thing is to experiment” adds Alex, to whom I ask shortly after: and with whom would you like to collaborate together in the future? “Harry Styles! Because he experiments ”they both say.

“Today I know what music is”

It’s nice to be able to deal with young, talented artists with the desire to grow and experiment. I leave Alex with the last answer, when I ask him how his life is today, given that he is creating his soul as a musician. He becomes more introspective and says: “Today I know what music is, how to make music. I always stay the same, even if I realize my songs come out of my room. I know that I can do something beautiful, even for other people. Something has changed, of course, but in the end I’m still the same ”he adds.