Say goodbye to long WhatsApp audios, learn how to use the feature that will soon replace them

The use of voice messages has become increasingly popular in WhatsApp, but receiving them is not always convenient. Fortunately, a new feature is revolutionizing the way we interact on this platform. This is LuzIA, a Spanish chatbot that has surpassed one million users in just over two months and promises to replace the tedious task of listening to voice messages.

LightIA has achieved impressive success, reaching this figure in record time. It has even outpaced the growth of popular apps like Instagram, which took three months to reach the same milestone. This chatbot has conquered WhatsApp users thanks to an outstanding feature: the transcription of voice messages. You simply have to add LuzIA’s contact to your WhatsApp and forward the voice messages you receive. In a matter of seconds, thanks to OpenAI technology, the message will be transcribed into text so you can read it instead of listening to it.

In addition to the transcript of voice messages, LightIA offers other interesting features. They recently introduced an option that allows you to generate images through their Stable Diffusion integration. Although the results are not as impressive as other AI models, some users have managed to get quality images using this option. Although LuzIA has succeeded in Spain, its success is even greater in Latin America. Currently, Spain represents approximately one third of the users, but the growth in Latin American countries is notable and it is expected that they will soon surpass Spain in terms of the number of users.

The amazing use cases of LightIA they are numerous. For example, for a deaf association, the transcription feature is a godsend, as it allows them to participate in WhatsApp group conversations. The case of a teacher who works in the jungle of Colombia, where internet data is expensive, has also been highlighted. Thanks to the flat rate for WhatsApp, your students can access quality information directly in the application through LuzIA.

LuzIA the new artificial intelligence. Source: Twitter @showmundialshow.

Yes ok LightIA is currently free, the startup is considering monetization options in the future. Despite this, there will always be a free tier available. WhatsApp, aware of the success of this function, is even expected to launch its own version at some point. However, the team behind LuzIA is confident that users will stick around not only for the audio transcription, but for other features and the unique personality they have created in the chatbot.