Say goodbye to Netflix: meet the new NASA application that gives you hundreds of series and documentaries for free

The POT launched more than just rockets, the space agency launched its own streaming platform under the name “NASA+.” A free platform that will be available to the public with content related to space. Since the creation of NASA in 1958, it has collected a large amount of material from scientific research missions. All content will be available on the web with easy access.

The contents of this platform will be in archives, live broadcasts, documentaries and series. It also has its own application to enjoy it from other devices. They updated their page with a section dedicated to NASA+. The platform It is presented with a main screen in English where we find NASA’s own menu, on the lower level we find the platform’s navigation bar.

POT. Source: Pexels

The content of the platform It lets us discover through topics such as humans in space, the solar system, the universe, documents or history. Being in English, the page does not currently contain subtitles in Spanish.

On the platform we can find “Yo soy Artemis”, it is a production that reflects the contribution of the Hispanic employees of the POT to projects like Artemis, which seeks the return of humans to the Moon. At first glance there is also an access created for scheduled events, with the possibility of seeing the times in which content on iconic NASA topics will be published.

Platform. Source: Pexels

The menu of the platform It also contains “NASA Explorers” which is about OSIRIS-REX missions, “Mars a Minute” focused on discovering mysteries of Mars and “Other Worlds”, which features the James Web Space Telescope and allows us to see its findings. Remember that there is more content to come, some shown as a preview with a release date.