Say goodbye to sagging buttocks, know Georgina Rodríguez’s secret to take care of her figure

Georgina Rodríguez, an Argentine model and businesswoman, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women in the business since the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo He has his own reality show. In it he teaches his day to day and within his activities is his daily training which he has also shown in his instagram.

The businesswoman who became known as the partner of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, has a unique figure as a result of her work in the gym. thanks to its silhouette Georgina Rodriguez She signed with the modeling agency “UNO Models” in 2017 and has since worked for “Grazia”, “Men’s Health”, “Glamorous” and “Yamamay”. The model is also an ambassador with the bikini brand “Pretty Little Things” and a sensation in instagram.

Like little Georgina Rodriguez She has starred on the covers of fashion magazines such as “Vogue” or “La Gazzetta dello Sport”. On the other hand, she since 2018 the mother of the children of Cristiano Ronaldo became the most followed Spanish celebrity on the social network instagramwith which she began a career as an influencer and in 2020 made her debut as a presenter at the Sanremo Song Festival.

The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo has shared her secret to achieving her sculpted figure by revealing her glute routine. To keep her muscles firm, Georgina Rodriguez follow a small routine of no more than 15 minutes a day. The businesswoman’s trick is that each exercise is performed with 16 repetitions and 4 sets, as she stated in instagram. Although at the beginning you can start with no more than your own body weight, the more advanced can use 2 kg ankle gaiters as Georgina Rodriguez.

Source: Instagram Georgina Rodríguez

The girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo Perform a set of rebounding squats while keeping your legs bent and your back slightly bent forward for balance with your arms in front of your chest. Then Georgina Rodriguez shows on your instagram who performs jump squats for which it is necessary to go from the previous position to the body fully stretched in the air; once the feet fall to the floor, you only have to return to the squat position and continue until you complete the routine. The influencer also practices starting in the squat position and with each jump open the legs to their maximum, perform the squat, jump again and return to the usual width of this exercise.

Source: Instagram Georgina Rodríguez