Say goodbye to skin blemishes with Mayte Rodríguez’s infallible trick

Mayte Rodríguez is a prominent actress and advertising model who has earned the love of all viewers for having participated not only in soap operas but also in programs that have been successful. At 34 years old, she was born in Santiago, she is a great influencer where she has a million followers in instagram and share everything from skin care routines to showing off their workout routines. It was through this social network that he explained how to take care of the skin, reduce dark circles and eliminate spots in simple steps.

In the last days, mayte rodriguez He worried all his fans after he expressed that he suffered a small accident on the return from his vacation, for which he had to use a wheelchair for a few hours. Alexis Sánchez’s ex-partner, after vacationing in Brazil, was stung by a bee and had to be assisted by medical personnel. In her networks, the actress said that when she was about to return to our country, she was stung on the foot by the bee and that prevented her from walking normally.

Mayte Rodríguez suffered an accident on her vacation. Source Instagram @mmayte_rodriguez

In the middle of last year, mayte rodriguez She was the mother of her first son, Galo, the product of a relationship with the gastronomic businessman Camilo Figueroa. In order to stay in shape, the actress revealed that she likes outdoor sports and that she performs her TRX routines and that she accompanies him with kayaks and bodyboards. Also, she said that she also likes to ride a bike.

As she is a prominent influencer, mayte rodriguez He shared a skin care routine on his Instagram account to eliminate blemishes and reduce all kinds of wrinkles. Through a publication, Diego Bonetta’s ex-girlfriend explained: “I share a piece of information to reduce dark circles and show off your skin less tired and with a glow effect.” In the photos she could see the model in the foreground and her face washed.

Mayte Rodríguez’s trick to eliminate skin blemishes. Source Instagram @mmayte_rodriguez

Continuing with the post, mayte rodriguez joined the #RevoluciónAntiManchas campaign and for this, she chose a product from the renowned Nivea brand and continued to give the ideal skin care trick: “This has helped me reduce my dark circles thanks to its ingredients: energizing caffeine that reduces bags and dispels the tired appearance of the eyes and hyaluronic acid that reduces wrinkles and expression lines.

Mayte Rodríguez joined #RevoluciónAntiManchas. Source Instagram @mmayte_rodriguez