Say goodbye to Star+: find out what will happen to the movies and series on this platform

Streaming platforms have undergone significant changes in recent times, and one of the latest announcements that has shaken subscribers is the disappearance of Star+. This platform, which stood out for offering a combination of series, movies and sports content, will close its doors, but that does not mean the end of its attractive content.

The decision to eliminate Star+ responds to the strategy of The Walt Disney Company, owner of both Disney+ like Star+, to integrate both platforms into a single application starting in April 2024. This move aims to offer a more cohesive experience to subscribers, consolidating all content under the Disney+ umbrella.

Diego Lerner, president of The Walt disney Company Latin America has highlighted that this integration will allow the vast library of content, including the entire ESPN offering, to be available in a single application. The merger seeks to simplify access and improve the user experience, always focusing on the needs of subscribers.

Although the news may generate uncertainty among users of Star+, it is important to note that the content that made this platform unique will not disappear. Rather, it will move to Disney+, ensuring that series, movies and sporting events remain within reach of users. The integration promises to unify the diversity of entertainment options in a single interface.

Although, until now, not all the details about this transition have been revealed due to the definitive closure of Star+it is expected that more information will be provided in the future, including possible adjustments to the streaming service rates.