Say hello to the ‘Butterfly cut’, the haircut with which Clara Chía sets the trend

The name of Clara Chia It hasn’t stopped ringing in recent months. Gerard Piqué’s new partner, after his separation from Shakira, has been one of the most talked about topics in the media and on social networks. The young Catalan, although she is not seen too much on the public scene, has managed to attract the attention of the entire country and we all want to know more about her.

The recent ‘battle’ of egos between Pique and Shakira has been the trigger for Clara Chía to come out into the public eye. After the release of the song by Shakira and Bizarrap, “Women no longer cry, women invoice”, which has become the most listened to song of the moment, the whole world is talking about this situation. Shakira showed her position when she appeared on the balcony of her house in Barcelona with a sweatshirt that belonged to her last song with Bizarrap.

For his part, Pique has decided to surprise his followers on Instagram by sharing his first ‘official’ photo with Clara Chía, his new girlfriend, after rumors of infidelity.

The image shows the two sitting in a restaurant and it is the first time that Clara Chía has been seen with a most flattering makeover. The young woman has opted for a haircut called butterfly cut‘, with marked layers in the front part and very natural subtle waves.

This haircut has been chosen by other ‘celebs’ such as Jennifer Lopez and it is a style that suits all faces, whether they are long, square, round or oval. In addition, its maintenance is very simple and it is easy to comb. As explained by the stylist Mónica Duque, for rounder faces it is better to wear it starting from the jaw, as she does Clara Chia.