Say hello to the ‘color french nails’, the nail style with which Cristian Castro’s daughter sets a trend

Cristian Castro’s daughter, Rafaela It continues to give people something to talk about on their social networks. The little 9-year-old artist always stands out and not only because of her talent, but because she loves to be fashionable with her hairstyles, the outfits she wears and when choosing an accessory.

Rafaela Castro wearing her manicure. Source: Instagram @rafaelacastroficial

Rafaela Castro She is the daughter of the renowned Mexican singer and Paola Eraso, one of the couples the artist had. Surrounded by a family of artists, the little girl lives immersed in a world where she can afford some luxuries like great artists like Cardi B, Ivy Queen and Dua Lipa. In these particular cases, we are talking about the manicure that they have dared to show off and that Rafaela saw very favorably.

Rafaela Castro is a trend with the ‘color french nails’

Cristian Castro’s daughter was recently shown on his account instagram, a platform where she has more than 93,000 followers, wearing a manicure that any woman would long for. It is a colorful style that combines with 3D details and is all the rage this season.

Rafaela Castro wearing her manicure. Source: Instagram @rafaelacastroficial

Rafaela Castro he opted for a ‘color french nails’ design in which the colors blue, purple, yellow and pink predominated. In addition, the distinctive touch in 3D was given by bears of different colors. “Thank you for your spectacular work,” the girl wrote in her post in which she tagged the artist Laureth Nails.

Rafaela Castro wearing her manicure. Source: Instagram @rafaelacastroficial

The ‘color french nails’ trend goes well with any look and is characterized by combining different colors with 3D elements as an ornament. Thus, small jewels can be seen accompanied by pastel colors or nails with fluorine tones and decorations in the form of drops or other elements of nature. Without a doubt, it is an excellent option for those who want to see themselves, as well as the small Rafaela Castro.